Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

Ken my husband laughed and carried one of the babies

Ken: you were always disturbing for a baby, and I decided to give you two at a GO he said letting out a mocking laugh

I hit him on the shoulder and we both laughed

Ken and I got married three years ago in Enugu after the demise of my parents

Since then, he has being my all

He worships and adores me

Nawo… This your husband acts like men from fairy tales

Ella my friend said

Seriously babe, you are very lucky!!!

This man practically worships you ….hmmmm

I’m jealous

Don’t be jealous dear, God will give you someone better

Ella: story!! Where are my babies Jor??

They are with their daddy

She gave me that look of ” you are very lucky”

I know, I said under my breath

Ella left after eating my omugwu yam and pepper soup made by mama

Its been two weeks after the birth of Kelly and Nelly but mama still insists on bathing me…

Ken and mama pamper, care, cook, bath and showers me with love ..

Ken: its 2months since the birth of our babies,and you’ve not stepped out of the house. You look pale

My babies are my priority darling, who will I leave them for???

Mama is here he chirped in…

Go out, have fun, the babies will understand he said laughing

Urrgggg!!! I’m not complaining o

Mama: your husband is right, don’t worry about the kids, I am here or you don’t trust me??

I hugged mama and assured her I trust her more than I trust myself

I wore the beautiful white gown my husband bought for me and a pair of sandals with the latest Fendi bag to compliment my look

I pecked my babies, drove out thinking of where to go

I was lost in thought when I heard a loud thud… Madam, you wan kill yourself??

Jesus!! A moving trailer with failed brakes

everyone was driving to safety and I was driving like my husband own the road

Better go thank your God, you for don see Jesus today.. A passerby said

The thought of my kids and husband made me cry

Gosh, those angels can’t loose their mom yet I said

I reversed and headed home

Drove into the compound and the babies were crying so loud… Their voices were so tiny but loud

Mama must be taking her bath and hubby must have stepped out I said

I rushed in leaving my purse and phone in the car

Gave Kelly a mouth feeder so I’d breastfeed Nelly

Mama! Mama!! I knocked on the bathroom door, but there was no one inside.

Mama and ken left my babies and went out?? I started crying

I kept murmuring… I almost lost my life minutes ago and my kids are here with no one taking care of them

Then I heard a noise coming from my room… Felt a bit of relief “hubby must have been sleeping so he probably didn’t hear the babies crying”

Walked into the room and met ken and mama on the bed

Jesus!!!! Jesus!!!!! Jesus!!! Was the only word coming out of my mouth

Mama??? Ken???? I let out a loud scream

Nelly started crying unconsolable…

Lots of thoughts running through my mind… I was loosing my mind

Mama seem undisturbed… She stood up and gave me a resounding slap without minding the baby I was holding

I told you to kill her… Do you know the implications of her getting to know about this??

Now, you’d have to kill the babies she added

I was standing like a lifeless being.

I couldn’t talk nor move

Was I dreaming??

Mama and ken??

Which babies are they killing??

Nah…. I am loosing it

Nelly’s cry brought me back to reality…

Ken, what’s going on I asked??

Who are they killing?

He collected the baby and signaled mama… That was the last thing I remember

What is ken and his mother up to??

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