Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

Madam Jessica was on her way to the market, so she made sure her purse was tightly tied in her wrapper.

As she made her way into the market, she frown her face like she was ready for a fight until she got to mama uka’s shop.

“Nne Jessica, welcome “, osas greeted.

“Where is your mother?” Still frowning, madam Jessica asked

” She is out for two hours, what do you want to buy, I sell well enough”.

” I will wait”, she responded.

” For two hours! ” He exclaimed

Madam Jessica didn’t bother continuing the discussion, osas talked too much and asked so many questions, if he were to be her very own son she would have sewn his mouth long ago. Her children dare not talk in public because Indoors, she warned and gave out instructions more than the military.

She sat down on the plastic chair, that mama uka referred to as the VIPs, Immediately, her eyes met balls to balls with a man sitting across.

He wasn’t smiling, he only blinked, she took her eyes away but still felt he was looking directly at her, this went on until mama uka arrived.

“My very good customer” mama uka greeted

Madam Jessica stood up to welcome her, all of a sudden her tightly tied purse fell from her wrapper, wondering how that could be possible she immediately bent down to pick it then her eyes went back to the man sitting across, he was no longer there, she was so happy.

Immediately, she raised up her head, something took her eyes back to the man, surprisingly he was back again, the way he was.

She frowned at mama uka, who seemed confused at the moment.

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