Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

It was my first day at the University of Lagos. I was attending my first lecture at Hall F.

The course was an elective course called HIV/AIDS and Narcotic Substances. As a Mass. Communication student, I wondered why I had to study such a course, but all the same, no knowledge is a waste.

I was very late to the lecture because it was initially difficult for me to locate the hall. UNILAG is such a large place and fresher like me easily got lost. It was one man in security uniform who later led me to the Hall F.

I entered the hall when the lecturer was already rounding up his class. His name is Mr Ovirikpo.

“Why are you just coming?” He asked me. Instantly, the whole class turned to look at me. I felt very stupid when I noticed that all eyes were on me. It was as if I was standing under a heavy rain without an umbrella.

“I’m very sorry sir, but I got lost while looking for the lecture hall.” I said. I lifted my head up and looked directly at the lecturer while explained myself. I also surveyed the whole class with a direct gaze. I didn’t want to appear timid and defenseless.

“You missed your way? What a funny story! As if you are a kid in Ikeja market.” The lecturer mocked. The whole class laughed. Their laughter made me uncomfortable. If you have been ever been laughed at by your coursemates, you will understand what this meant. It is a very difficult thing to be laughed at while you stand in front of the class.

“What are narcotic substances?” The lecturer asked. It was as if he wanted to punish me with the question.

It was that moment when a teacher catches you making noise in his class and decides to punish you with a tough question. He wants you to fail so that he would prove that you were not listening to him.

But fortunately for me, I’m intelligent and I knew the answer through and through. So, as the class laughed again, I also laughed at them in my mind.

“Narcotic substances are drugs that produces analgesia, narcosis and that are easily addictive. That means they act as pain relievers and in many people, narcotics also produces a feeling of happiness or high level of elation. The most potent example is codeine.” told the lecturer while looking at his eyes and also occasionally turning to look at the whole class. I knew the answer was correct and I knew I was attracting attention. I turned the embarrassing moment into my favour.

“You see what I was saying. Someone who is just coming is even better than all of you who have been sitting here since the past hour.” The lecturer, Mr Ovirikpo said. He was clearly impressed. The whole class did not laugh again, but instead, they clapped for me. “What is you name young man?” The lecturer asked. He is a heavily bearded man such that when he speaks, you only see his teeth and not his lips.

“My name is Oti.” responded with a broad smile dancing on my face.

“Keep reading hard. Only reading could have made you know this without attending my class. Mass Comm 100-Level, learn from him.”

He said as he left the class.

As soon as Mr Ovirikpo left, there was a serious rush towards one corner of the hall. Someone was holding a sheet of paper trying to write something on it and other people were dragging it from him.

“What is happening there?” I asked a lady standing just beside me.

“They are writing names in the attendance sheet. It’s compulsory for everyone. That is what Mr Ovirikpo said.” She said. I quickly rushed to also write my name in the sheet of paper. But as we were dragging it, the paper got torn into two.

In the end, the course rep whose name I later understood to be Nene used a water gum to understood to be Nene used a water gum to hold it. I was unable to drag with the crowd, so I sat down and waited. I was the last to write my name.

“The man will not even use the names.” The lady who was standing beside me said. She was now sitting down and there were now three of use in the hall: Nene the course rep, the lady and me.

Soon, the course rep started going and I made to leave the hall too. “Excuse me.” The young lady who had waited behind said.

“My name is Azizat. You are so smart and intelligent and I really like you. I want to be your girlfriend.” She said without mincing words. I know I’m handsome, but I did not know that a lady would boldly approach me.

She stretched out her hands for a handshake.

“I already picked your name. And I really liked how it sounds. So what do you say to my request? I want to be your girlfriend.” She said

request? I want to be your girlfriend.” She said again. Azizat is a very beautiful lady. She has a very nice open teeth that parts like the Red Sea whenever she laughed. She was fair in complexion and had a hair that flowed on her shoulders. She was tall and her eyes were Irresistibly cute.

I wanted to tell her that I will think about it. I wanted to let her know that it was not good for a lady to ask a man out, that it is not our culture. I wanted to tell her an emphatic no. I wanted to tell her that I’m in UNILAG to study and not to do girlfriend and boyfriend. I wanted to tell her that I do not have money to maintain girls. I wanted to tell her that as I was resuming school, my parents only gave me my school fees and transport fare.

But words failed me. Her beauty arrested me, so I said yes.

“I will gladly be your boyfriend.” I said. She hugged me so tightly as if she had known me before. She led me by the hand as we left the hall. To my surprise, a car and a driver was waiting for Azizat outside the hall.

The driver rushed to open the door for us. The air conditioner in the Lexus Jeep felt like heaven. He drove us to the school canteen. I tried so much to behave like a town boy but it didn’t work. I’m a typical village boy and it was the first time I was eating in such a nice place. It was also the first time I was eating fried chicken. I ate plus the bones.

When we were done, Azizat offered to also take me home with her car but I refused. I did not want her to know that I was squatting with my friend, Eke. I walked to the hostel on my own.

As I slept that night, I thought about all that happened. I knew my romance with Azizat was Just starting and that it will be a very long ride. “Only half-time is like this, how will full 90 minutes be? I have to find out who she is and who her parents are.” I said before sleep took me.

Watch out for episode 2..

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