Episode 1

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Mrs.smith walked into the parlour of semi-furnished 3 bedroom flats,the paints could be seen crying out from the walls and the ceiling boards were visibly worn out,the electronics were in another world entirely,a 22″ flatron TV,a VCD player,a carved wood to serve as the TV stand and some audio speakers Steve won in the intra-state competition some while back..

Mrs.smith:stevy! Stevy!! ste–ve!!!


that is certainly mama’s voice but what could she be calling me for this time around..i just finished washing the clothes she requested for..mhen.. this woman sef ehnn..

Mrs.smith:steve!!(she was now getting upset)..ste..

Steve:(not letting his mother complete her call)yes mama.. I’m here..

Mrs.smith:where have you been since naw.. I have been shouting your name..

Steve:calling me..Mama that’s more better..

(he grinned..he loved her so much.. And he really wanted her to get used to English language not the normal and accepted pidgin English which was prevalent in his area)..

Mrs.smith:(smiling…she admired her son’s desire for her to learn English and she’s been putting her best not to disappoint her pride as she will normally call him) okay baby.. that’s not why I called you.. I’m not ready for one of your english sermons now..

your Father called me to let you knw that you’ll be travelling to port-harcourt to stay with uncle Dan..

Steve:(surprised)mama..uncle Dan..what about my school??

Mrs.smith: you’ll continue your schooling over there.. I heard they are nice schools there sef..

Steve:But mama… I just entered jss3 while don’t we wait till I’m done with my junior waec na..

(Mrs.smith was beginning to get upset with him but she concealed it with a smile)..

Mrs.smith:steve..its your Dad’s decision not mine..


I knew what mama final statement meant.. knowing my Dad too well, he hardly changes his stand of a matter.. oh my God.. what about my friends.. Paul..

steve:okay mama.. I have heard..

Mrs.smith:Thats good..your papa sey you will leave in 3 days time oo..

Steve:Aah!! mama.. that’s early now.. but no problem.. I’ll get my bags prepared…

I can’t believe this boy o..who wouldn’t jump at the oppurtunity of going to PH.. I heard they fetch… what’s it called sef.. ehen.. oil from water.. Chaii.. no flexxin be that now..


steve could be seen walking down the street in his usual attire~a man Utd Jersey shorts,and a handless singlet..He was the most handsome boy in the area.. with a not too pointed nose,a curly hair that one could mistake as those of the Europeans,a smooth fair skin,not too pink lips,and a nice outlined brow.. he’s was d–n fine.. greatly admired by all the females in the area.. his mum once joked that if she wasn’t married she would have lured him into a relationship(LOL)

Paul:steve! Steve!! steve!!!
(what is wrong with this boy’s ear sef)

(Steve felt a tap on his shoulder and he was brought back into the land of the living)..

Steve:ooh! Paul..I’m sorry.. how long have you been here??

Paul:Guy,nawa for you o.. sha,na just now me I dea come..

Steve:no vex jhorh….

Paul:wetin dea your mind now..

Steve:oboy..mumsi just con hit me with one kind of news na ehn..(his face now turning sad) ..

Paul:(notcing his friend’s mood)Guy ..werin..?? talk na..

Steve:im moving to PH in three days time.. Dad called this morning..

Paul:waow!!!that’s goodnews.. broda ..

I’m also moving to PH sef in a week time.. I’ll stay with my brother there and assist him in his trade too..

Steve held him in a tight embrace…they both jumped up and danced round..life just couldn’t separate them.. it was certainly destiny..

but is it: stay tuned!!


sandra:stevy..you just can’t leave me like this..

Steve:im not leaving you,Sandy ..your sister schools there now.. you’ll still be coming around atleast till you finish jss3;you can come over…

Sandra:(i just couldn’t believe Steve is leaving..she was another rare gem in beauty.. her looks were something out of this world not to mention her features..a boobs that wasn’t for her age and a behind that was moderately massive..she was a combination of Nicki Minaj in features and Mona Lisa in beauty..she had a sterling record of 25 suitors already turned down..all the chiefs wanted to get her tied down)..i can’t stay without you.. never(–crying–)

Steve drew her close in a warm embrace.. he could feel her heartbeat fasten and her eyes already soaked with tears..
he was touched,he really loved her no doubt but there’s nothing he can do;he drew her face closer to his as their lips met in a romantic kiss that lasted for about 2-3 mins,their tongues intertwined and their bodies wanted to mix with each other..

He felt her hands move to his g—n as she massaged his d*ck through his shorts,she knew her way around a guy’s body and he loved it.. but there was no time for that now..

Steve:(breathing Heavily)Baby..we’ll meet tomorrow.. mum will soon start looking for me..

Sandra:(smiling amidst soft sobs)okay ..i Love you..

Steve:me too..


Sandra was a combination of everything a guy would want in a girl..she was intelligent.. beautiful,nice,hardworking and also naughty too.. nothing was going to separate him from her..

is Steve correct???

only time can tell..

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