Episode 1

My name is Amelia and when I turned 18 I ran away from home. I packed all my things into my
bag and moved into my friends house . I knew that I had to find a job in order to help pay for things
but people don’t hire anyone really without a college degree. I decided to roam the internet maybe
just something. I came across a website were people would sell themselves for money. Pretty
much have sex get your brains f—-d for some cash. I had 2 days to come up with my part of the
rent so I figured why not give it a shot. I created a profile but with a fake name and submitted it. I
was technically a virgin. I had only made out with a guy, given blow jobs and had jobs but never
had a c–k inside of me. It wasn’t within 5 minutes I gotten several hits and messages guys
wanting to meet with me tonight or asap if possible. Looking through all the profile all of them
looked like creepers or just got a bad feeling about. I just moved on to the next one. Within 10
minutes I came across a guy who only had pictures of his body. The only one of his face was dark.

He messaged me asking how my day was going? The rest just asked when can we meet or can I
f–k you tonight? He actually asked how I was doing. I replied back saying not that bad could be
better. It wasn’t within a minute he was writing me back telling me he was sorry that I was having a
bad day etc etc. We continued to talk for 2 hours about or lives and how old we were etc. He didn’t
get into the whole sex talk but I knew it would come up. He finally asked why I was on this website.

I just sighed and said I need the money honestly. He said he was sorry that he knows how I feel
he had been in the same boat once in his life. I decided to tell him I was a virgin before any thing
else went further. He said it was alright he would be gentle and walk me through anything and
everything he was going to do to me or what I wanted to do to him. I finally agreed to meet him. It
was almost midnight and he said he was in town on business that he visits here often that he was
at a hotel. He gave me the hotel name address and what room number he was in. He said he
would understand if I didn’t show up but would hope I would. I got off the computer and went to my
closet pulled out a short black skirt and red tank top and thigh high boots put them on. And just
sighed I was going to do this I needed to do this. I walked out side got in my car, put the address
in my GPS and went. I pulled up into the parking lot feeling my heart race faster than it ever has.

But I swallowed s—-d up and went inside. I got in the elevator pressed the number to the 4th
floor. Got out and walked down the hall way to room 437. I stood in front of it getting the courage
enough to knock. I reached up and knocked. Hearing foot steps walking up to the door hearing it
being unlocked and slowly being open. I looked up to this tall dark haired man. Wearing only
pajama pants. Deep green eyes. Muscular and very attractive. “I am glad you showed up” he said
walking backwards opening the door all the way letting me walk in. I just sighed walked in as he
shut the door behind me and locked it

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