Episode 16

.Being married to him was a great feeling I have to admit that. But I still knew little about him. I only
knew his age his name simple things like that. His past I learned from his sister while I was ease
dropping. I mean I don’t even know what my husband does for a living. It must be pretty good and
make good money. That he can afford staying at expensive hotels, buying those dresses for me, I saw the price tags they weren’t cheap. He has that I know of two cars. One is a lexus and ones a
corvette. And those are nice luxury experience cars. Plus to the point he told me I didn’t have to
work. But I don’t know if thats part of the control factor that he wants me at home so he knows
where I am at all the time. But maybe I got to thinking he wants to be controlling like that because
of his ex. It sounded like she ran all over him and then f—-d with his heart and cheated on him.

Or the control and dominant thing is from being in the Marines.

If he joined when he was young and got out recently then he had some pretty high ranking. Its something eventually I am going to have to talk to him about or hopefully like his sister says let him open up to me. I think once he does open up to me he will fully trust me. I do know he loves me and i can really tell that he does.

And i am falling in love with him more and more each day. I just really hope he doesn’t hurt me like
he has done in the past. That fear will always be deep down inside of me that my guard isn’t fully
all the way down yet. We started driving and he was holding my hand as he was driving and I was
wondering where we were going. We drove for a good hour we didn’t really talk much I would just
catch him smiling at me and I would smile back and he would take my hand up to his lips and kiss
it and tell me loves me. “Are you ready to be home baby?” He asked “Yes baby” I said. We pulled
down this street that lead into a small subdivision of houses. Really nice brick homes that you
could tell was built recently. We turned down another street and I was just in ahh it was very
pretty. He turned into a driveway to a small brick house. It was a single story house probably 3
bedrooms but really nice. “Welcome home baby” he said “Is this your house?” I asked. “No this is
what I was out doing the other day I bought and a friend of mine helped me decorate buy furniture and stuff I hope you like because its ours baby” he said smiling at me. He lifted up his sunglasses and undid his seat belt and leaned over and kissed me. “Lets go inside baby” he said.

I opened the car door and walked up to the door with him. He unlocked it and pushed it open. He looked
over at me and said” You know its only right that I carry you across since you are my wife now” I just smiled at him as he picked me up into his arms and carried me inside. He kicked the door closed with his leg and walked me down the hallway to the last door on the left. He pushed it open
with his foot and flipped the light on. I am going to take a wild guess and say this was the master
bedroom. It was really nice. There was a king size bed.

With you can tell luxury sheets and
comforter on it. A dresser with a Tv on it. Another dresser that had a vanity mirror attached to it.

And another door that I am guessing led to the bathroom.

And another small door I am assuming was the closet. He sat me down on the bed and just kneeled down in front of me and la!d his head in my lap.

I moved my fingers through his hair and I could hear him start to m0an a little bit. He
stayed there for a good 5 minutes until he leaned up kissing me and la!d me down on the bed and
getting on top of me. He slowly started running his tongue around mine as I was to his. He started
kissing my neck and moving to my ears sU-Cking on my ear lobes slowly whispering in my ear “I love you” I just m0aned “I love you baby” as he stood up and pulled me forward lifting up my dress
over my head. I wrapped my arms around his neck pulling him into me again kissing him more.

I do got to say he is an amazing kisser. He pulled away leaning up pulling his boots off and his
socks. Undoing his pants and let them hit the floor. He had unbuttoned his shirt and undid his tie
taking them off and chunking them across the floor.

He slide down his boxer briefs to his c–k
ready to go. He la!d me back down taking the edge of my p@anties and sliding them off. He climbed
on top of me getting in between my legs. Kissing his way up my stomach to my boobs to my neck as I was starting to breathe heavier. He reached my lips and just kissed me biting down on my
lower lip a little bit as he pushed the head of his d–k inside of me. I gasped as he slowly but a little
hard pushed the rest of it in. I wrapped my arms up his back and pulled him into me. As he pulled
himself out and back in again. I was starting to breathe heavier and m0an more as he was going


He was kissing the side of my neck as I was gripping his lower back wrapping my legs around him tighter. “Oh god baby” he m0aned “I love you” he continued. ” I love you sweetie” I m0aned as he
started going faster and deeper inside of me. I could feel my p—y start to contract around his d–k that was throbbing inside of me. I arched my back as I was actually cumming pretty fast and he knew it. “Its ok baby c-m for me” he m0aned in my ear and started to go faster that my legs were shaking and I was just m0an!ng louder. “Ahhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhh baby” I yelled.

I could feel myself contract around him as I released myself on to him.

He started m0an!ng louder which he
was about to c-m too. He kissed me again then looked deep inside of my eyes as I saw his eyes roll back into his head and m0aned cumming inside of me.

He leaned down and kissed me.

Then resting his head by my neck kissing this one spot on my neck over and over.

I could still feel his
d–k inside me it was starting to get soft as he looked up and starred into my eyes. “I love you” he
said “I love you” I said back. He just smiled at me and kissed me again. He was infact a very
romantic guy. And I really did love it. “I guess we better get up baby” he said. “We have another
together tonight I am sorry I couldn’t get out of it” he said. “Its ok baby” I said “I will make it up to
you I promise” he said kissing my forehead.


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