My Neighbor’s Daughter

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This is temptation, and the little man down there is not in any way helping the matter.

I’ll always have to imprison him within the hook of my belt Just to avoid a story that touch.

Amanda, one of our neighbors daughter caught me more than twice while trying to control Mr konji from forcing himself out of my Jean trouser.

My name is Ayo but people prefer calling me ay. Didn’t have a nickname anyway.

(that was then, now I’m oko Adesewa)

Am the first in the family of three, the two are my dad and mom, which means I’m the only child. So mostly, I do have things in my way being the only child in the family.

I will be 21 next winter.

My father house is located at akure south region of ondo state being a GPS student I love maps. We have three neighbors which house are just a stone thrown from ours.

Mr igoni, Mr owoeye and Mr bamidele.

These men has two daughters each except for Mr Igoni which got three.

Amanda which was his first born followed by ifeoma and chioma.

Chioma which was the youngest will be around eighteen, basically speaking All of them are heavily loaded.

The front side of amanda is directly proportional to the size of a water melon and her backside is just exactly like the boot of a toyota venser car.

I think they all inherit all those packages from their mom.

Mr Owoeye has two beautiful daughters , Grace and toyin. Both of them are okay just that their back side are equivalent to some text missing.

Mr Bamidele has two daughters wumi and Dami. they are neither beautiful nor ugly, but both Of them are beautiful enough to make you fall inside gutter if you ain’t looking where you are going.

Their packages are okay. Not too big and not too small.

When we first moved in into our house,

I always stay indoor minding my own business but always stealing glance from the window at any girl passing by or who came to fetch water in our house.

The window is black so they can’t see me but I can see them clearly.

I do play Mr nice guy then, After a couple of months I started relating with the girls.

My first crush was on Amanda, she always drive me crazy with her melons. I started anticipating on how to get my d–k inside her tonton.

Well am a handsome guy so they say. But am not always sure if am handsome or not. But I love the mentality of being handsome.

I noticed something about ifeoma (Amanda sister). she is always clutching on me whenever she sees me and I understand very clear where she is driving to.

(Congratulation you are dealing with the right guy).

But Amanda was my target and not her, but who am I to say no to an inviting p—y.

Mr Owoeye daughters are also like an angel to me, Grace whoose happens to be the oldest was a little bit older than I.

And she’s known to be very pugnacious.

But in several occasions, my heart always longs for her. Since she seems impossible for me to have, I advanced downward to her sister Toyin.

One thing I love about toyin, she got a very beautiful dimples and she was easily accessible in terms of friendship. But getting to f–k her p—y was also something that drew me closer to her.

She was an university aspirant seeking for Admission, whereas her elder sister Grace was at her 400level in the institution.

Toyin got a moderately big breast, just that she got no Butt.

I was a guru at math and physic, so most often, toyin do come to me to explain some math difficulty to her.

I used this medium to enter her. I wasn’t good at asking a lady out, I just make use of the friendship strategy. I’ll makes friends with them for a while, and before I knew it, they will be the one falling for me.

I was solving some sums for her one evening, when I caught her staring at my face with some lusty smile.

“why are you smiling? ” I asked.

“nothing, I don’t know… I just feel like smiling ” she replied.

I hurriedly finish up the sum and returned the stare back at her. We kept looking at each other eyes for minutes without saying a word.

I knew what she want, but the Mr Nice Guy in me was still in charge.

I shifted my gaze away from her eyes and began staring at her lips.

This time around Mr konji was in charge.

Without any notice

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