Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

Amelia’s POV
The sound of something being unloaded from a truck distracted me from writing the new recipe of a cupcake. I banged the pen on the table and went to open the window to see what was all the chaos about.

I noticed a big truck with a few men unloading furniture.

“Is anybody new shifting to this building?” I said to myself and shrugged my shoulders.

I went back to my study table trying to give my full concentration on this new recipe.

The sound of the doorbell again distracted me. This time I was so angry because of the continuous distraction that I rushed towards the door and opened it without even checking the door hole.

“What?” I shouted without even caring to see who is standing.

I was welcomed by a warm and tight hug which was very familiar.

Oh yes. Only one person can give such tight hugs.

My best friend. Kylie.

“Hey! Why is your mood so grumpy this bright morning?” Kylie pushed me aside and entered inside.

I was about to close the door when I saw those people lifting and furniture and keeping them inside the flat opposite mine.

“Someone new shifted here?” Kylie asked from behind watching those same things happen.

“Yeah, maybe.” I said to myself more than her.

“Is that a guy? If he’s a guy, is he hot?” She jumped out of the sofa and stood beside me to see.

“Kylie, what are you doing? How does it even matter if he’s a guy or not? Come on, let’s go inside.” I pulled her inside but it all went in vain.

So I had to stand there along with her to see if my new neighbor is a guy or if he’s a guy, whether he’s hot or not.

I literally rolled my eyes at Kylie’s stupid curiosity.

Finally, the wait came to an end when a man with an athletic body wearing sunglasses came out of the lift.

I won’t lie.

He was hot.

Kylie suddenly shrieked which caused the man to look at us.

Okay, make a correction.

He looked at me, thinking it was me and not Kylie.


Our eyes locked and my cheeks turned red out of embarrassment and I quickly closed the door.

“Hey?” Kylie disappointedly looked at me.

“Oh God, Kylie, are you mad? Why did you just suddenly shriek? He looked at us! Now what he would think about me?” I paced from one corner of the living room to another.

“Oh, come on Amelia, does it even matter to you what guys think about you?” Kylie shrugged her shoulders and tried to watch through the door hole.

“But he’s my neighbor and you know, it would feel awkward.” I sat down on the sofa with my head on my hands.

“Okay, I have an idea! This idea will help you, I swear.” Kylie came towards me and kneeled keeping her hands on my lap.

“Your ideas hardly work.” I rolled my eyes.

“Don’t be so mean and listen.” She playfully hit me.

“Okay, fine. Go ahead. I’m all ears.”

“Make some beautiful cupcakes and gift him! Because I know nobody can beat my best friend in making cupcakes!” Kylie looked at me with her gleaming eyes.

Well, maybe for the first time, Kylie was right.

“Kylie, that’s an amazing idea. And also, finally, I have a reason to be still friends with this stupid girl as she sometimes gives me good ideas.” I joked.

She laughed, “In these matters, my brain always works very fast.” She winked.

“So, now, help me out to make those cupcakes that I could gift my neighbor as an apology for whatever happened.” I got up pulling Kylie along with me.

“As you say, My Lord.” Kylie joked to which both of us laughed.

I hope he likes my cupcakes.

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