Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

Enita’s POV

I got up from my wooden bed and walk outside the house. The wind was blowing and I smiled telling the birds “Good morning” in my dialect.

Then I faced the lizards that have been staring at me like I stole their eggs. “Good morning lizards”

I moved forward to go take my bucket and fetch water from the stream. Our tap got spoilt and the only place to get water is from the stream.

I hate going to that stream by this time cause I get to see those witches I do avoid almost everyday.

Fejiro, onome and Isioma. I hate crossing paths with them.

I finally got to the stream and as I expected, the witches were playing beside the stream.

I noticed a girl among them, she’s beautiful but that’s not my business. I passed beside them and did what I came here for.

I was happy they didn’t look for my trouble till I fetched my water. I placed the bucket on my head and turned to leave.

“Enita bobo, how far na?” I stopped and sighed.

Here they come again. I don’t know why they keep looking for my trouble even as a boy. I expect them to look for their mates trouble.

“What’s it again? Ehh answer me” I replied.

“Oh boy calm down nah, You no see person for here nhi? She dey new for here. Do gentle whenever she’s with us abeg. No disgrace us” Onome answered perfunctorily.

“And she be chief Odafe’s daughter wey dey London. You don remember?” She added.

Ohhh! I remembered her now.

I faced the new girl and smiled slyly. “How are you beautiful girl? You’re welcome to this environment” I said politely and stretched my hand for a handshake.

Oh oh!

The way I withdraw my hand back into my pocket can’t be described. She ignored my handshake.

“Make I dey go, but wait oo… You people no look for my trouble today. Thank God, don’t worry I understand” I teased them and glared at the girl before leaving.

“The guy acts like a female. Are you sure he’s a graduate like me?” The girl’s tiny voice spoke.

I ignored that too and continued my journey home.

“Brother Enita is back mama!” My brother Brume shouted as he came to embrace me.

“Mama good morning, what of papa?” I asked, as she helped me drop the bucket from my head.

“Your papa still dey sleep Enita, bring the pot for me” My mother answered and I passed the pot to her quickly.

My mother has always dream of having a big restaurant but now she’s still managing her small cafeteria which was 20 metres away from our house.

After graduating , I came back to help my mom at home cause I couldn’t find a white collar job.

It like wasting my whole years in school all in the name of education.

Fast forward……

My father woke up, took his bath and joined his fellow palm wine tappers to the farm.

The meals were ready and customers starts to come and eat in our cafeteria. My mom’s cafeteria is well known in the community.

My mother called me to go wash the dishes at the backyard. I obeyed and began washing the plates, pots and spoons with my brother.

“Don’t tell me you guys eat in this small stinky room” A familiar voice yelled and I stopped what I was doing to go check who was it.

“You again? Fejiro, Isioma why you bring am here now? I don no say this girl dey rude and disrespectful as she be like dry fish” I said, eyeing her from head to her toes.

“What?! How dare you talk to me like that? You thought I didn’t hear pidgin right? Of course I do but can’t speak it.

Gosh! This place stinks. Get me out of here onome. Am sure their food is contaminated with different bacteria” She spats, covering her nose.

“You can’t speak pidgin, how’s that our business? Secondly, do not.. I mean do not ever in your life say this place stinks again.

If you can’t eat here, go somewhere else. We don’t need rude punks like you people. If not for Fejiro and others I would have bundle you and throw you out of this place now.

You’re saying this place stinks, as if your p*ssy no dey stink too. Better leave this place before I bundle you out my self. See her long neck like sugar cane.” I said all those words and faced the customers that had been watching the scene.

Oopps! That was too much!

“Enita!!! Must you say all of that to that poor girl…She’s chief Odafe’s daughter for crying out loud.” My mother whined.

“Mama! Am sorry but am sure you didn’t like it when she complained of this place saying it stinks” I replied.

“Wait oo.. Wetin be the meaning of pissy abi wetin you call am that time?” Mom queried.

No.. She mustn’t know the meaning. She’s gonna get mad.

“Nothing mama, just a university slang” I giggled nervously.

“My daughter please am sorry……”

“Save your sorry madam. Am telling my dad about this. Am off!” She screamed before leaving in anger and.. Tears.


It was night, the family of oghenekevwe gathered to eat dinner. But before that… I received a warning.

“Enita, your mother told me everything you caused today. Is that true?” My father asked and I nodded.

“Yes father, I didn’t mean that oo but she provoked me a little and the cafeteria very well. The cafeteria was telling me to talk back to her and I did” I answered while my brother laughed.

“Only God knows when you go get brain. How can you fight in your mother….. ” Another cut off.

“Where’s that boy that insulted my daughter? Where’s he? He’s dead today” I heard chief Odafe shouting outside.

My parents turned to see me eating my food already. I know send anyone.

“Enita Oya come and face your punishment.” My father dragged me outside to meet the angry chief in his robe and the tiny sugar cane neck.

Seriously? He came to fight with his night wears. Interesting.

“Good evening sir” I greeted, lying down flat.

“Save the greeting first. How dare you insult my daughter like that? Do you know she can buy you hundred times? She’s working in London as a nurse and you are here still in the village” He snarled.

The girl was smirking like a devil. “Sir, I never said you should pour all your daughter’s history on me. Yeah am in the village but that isn’t your business. I know one day, I will go to that london very soon” I fired.

I pray one of my uncles in London to just call me to come help him. I will be so glad.

“Sugar cane neck, how are you now? I guess you brought your father to come fight me. Your head like basketball” I abused her again.

“If you insult me again, I will kick you in where the sun doesn’t shine on. That toothpick inbetween your legs” She growled.

What? She called my joystick toothpick? If only she can see what she’s calling toothpick. She will call it big yam.

“I got nobody’s time now. Good night. Till tomorrow abeg. I can bring mat for you people if you want to sleep here.” I teased before going inside.

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