Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

” Hello dear pls Junior’s Food(NAN MILK) has finished, pls make sure you buy it including his Dettol and Pampers” she said over the phone.. my head became more hotter.. “o boy today na Saturday and I never even meet up with my remittance and another expenses has landed. who did I offended o that refused to forgive me?? “. I think I know what to do. I added

After a while I decided to went back to my work targeting my baby expenses first I put ON my app request entered almost immediately. My work went well that day I went home with all that my wife requested…I took my bath and decided to go outside and take some fresh breeze since there is no light. I didn’t bother to eat the food they kept for me, I have lost appetite.

I was busy looking at heaven admiring what God created with a mere words when I heard a very loud coarse voice, i looked down immediately it was my landlord “good evening baba landlord” I greeted. “hold your greetings Mr Man what is good about the evening?. for your information I’m here to collect my house rent, so go in there and get it for me here and now!” he furiously ordered me. the anger in his face can fall an iroko tree.. I pleaded with him to give me more time that I will definitely pay.. all my plea went void with that of my neighbors .

Baba landlord mean me this time. The truth is that I have been owing him for past 8months now due to how things is turning against me.. this night he is ready to throw me and my family out of his house. Few minutes later God sent a Messiah to me his second daughter call queen (I will tell you about her later).. Queen was so disappointed the way her father is embrassing me. she called her father in order and begged him to give me more time. “Thank your God this night if to say no be my precious daughter that intervene on your matter olou this night for no pass you in my house” he angrily said and left.

Queen walked to me and said to me in a very low tone “don’t worry dear everything gonna be alright soon just that you are too blind to see and too daft to understand signs ” jesu what is she talking about,?. Too blind to see what and to understand some signs?. I asked my self and still pretend to be a novice. After the whole scenario I got a message from my partner threatening to collect his car if I default again to pay my remmitance tomorrow. “God where are you?” I sobbed.

The next day been Sunday I took my family to GUO park where I board a vehicle for them going to her state.. the plan was that they should go and be staying with my mother in-law (her mother) for now until things becomes normal.

Brethren I never knew that I have opened widely my door for temptation. If I must survive this it’s God.

To be continued

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