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Fauziat Usman is the only daughter of Alhaji Sani Usman who is a top ranking military man working at Abuja.

Alhaji Usman married Fauziat’s mother as his first love years ago but after their marriage, it was so unfortunate that she couldn’t bear him a child for 7years..

They visited many hospitals within and outside the shores of Nigeria but nothing good came out of all these visits.

They consulted many Alfas and Imams who encouraged them to take prayers seriously and lend a helping hand to the poor and needy but still yet, nothing positive came out.

Alhaji only grew more and more wealthy but still yet, no child and some bad blood even began to rumour around that he has used his unborn children in exchange for wealth.

Family pressure made him marry a second wife Hauwa who took in almost immediately and gave birth to a bouncing baby boy.

Alhaji celebrated the birth of his first fruit like a carnival.

After a year, Hauwa took in again and gave birth to another baby boy but unfortunately, she passed on just few minutes after she birthed the boy due to some complications.

Aisha, Alhaji’s first wife who hadn’t still conceived took care of the 2 boys (Idris and Azeez) as if they were her own blood. They even thought she was their own biological mother.

After 5years of Hauwa’s demise, Aisha took in and gave birth to a baby girl whom was later named Fauziat.

Aisha died a month after Fauziat’s birth.

Alhaji cried like a baby having lost his first love and a woman who was wonderful in all ramifications and had stood by him all these years while he was making wealth.

To keep her memory fresh, Alhaji vowed not to get married again rather, he employed a midwife (Mama Ummi) who took care of the little baby and the boys who were at that time 7 and 5years old respectively.

Mama Ummi still stayed in Alhaji’s house till today although now an old woman advanced in age.

Alhaji saw Aisha in Fauziat. He transferred all the love he had for Aisha to Fauziat.

Made sure she lacked nothing and it was so glaring even to his two sons that Fauziat is his favourite.

Currently, Idris and Azeez are outside the country.

Idris who was done with school was handling one of his father’s newly established company in Germany While Azeez was rounding up his Master’s degree program in the UK.

Fauziat was in her final year at a private university as her dad didn’t allow her study abroad.

The accident wasn’t fatal as the Doctor had told Alhaji.

Mayor sustained a head injury that wasn’t deep while Fauziat and Hadiza had few bruises. Meanwhile, the man they had hit was unconscious in the ward with a broken arm.

“gaskiya u are a fool” Alhaji hollowed at Mayor who stood with a bandage on his forehead.

They had been discharged that same day except for the unconscious man.

Fauziat and Hadiza were sitting there also.

“a big fool I must say!!” Alhaji screamed again

“if anything had happened to my daughter and her friend…ahhhh. u would have seen the beast in me.. What were u thinking? Driving recklessly like an untrained fool!! Ahh thank Allah nothing serious happened.. U would have been dead meat by now”

Fauziat touched her father’s shoulders

“Baba ka ishuru… It’s okay.. At least we’re fine and the man he hit is also recuperating as the Doctor has confirmed.. Alhamdulilah we are well and hale..lets just go home, I need some rest”

Alhaji nodded

“Alhaji the man will be alright. I’ll make sure of that”The doctor assured.

They all stood up and left the hospital while 4 armed men in military attire followed them.

There was 2 cars outside

Mayor and 2 guys occupied the first car while Alhaji, Fauziat and Hadiza occupied the jeep with one driver and an armed man.

There was a knock on the door. Fauziat stirred sleepily.

“Who’s there?”she asked

“My princess it’s me” Alhaji spoke from the door.

“Oh baba! Just a minute plz” She went and wore her hijab then opened the door for her father but was surprised to see him fully dressed like someone going out.

“ina kwana baba”She greeted

He nodded and sat on her bed while she sat beside him.

“Hope u slept well ko”

“Yes baba”

“OK.. I’ll be travelling out of the country this morning. I have an assignment in Saudi and I need to be there today to arrange everything”

Fauziat wasn’t happy with the news and it showed on her face.

“Baba but you’re on leave!!”

“Fauzi, it’s a very important assignment and I must be there to dish out instructions to my boys.. Plz understand.. I’ll be back next weekend”

Tears dropped from her eyes as she hugged him.

“I’ll miss u”

“Calm down, your brother would be back by Friday”

Fauziat’s face lit up in joy

“Which one? Idris or Azeez??”

“Guess” Alhaji teased

“oooh baba!!”She hit him playfully on his shoulder.

Alhaji stood up making for the door

“If I sit here laughing with u, I’ll miss my flight.. Azeez is coming on Friday”

She jumped up in Joy. Azeez is her favorite brother.. someone she could confide in and play with.

“I won’t miss u anymore” She laughed bringing out her tongue to her father in mockery..

“No goodies for u from Saudi then” he said as they walked down the stairs down to the living room, and outside the house where a car was ready and waiting to take him to the airport..

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