Episode 1

Monday 9:00am
It was a bright Monday morning, it had dewed early in the morning which is evident by the speckles of water on the leaves and flowers of all vegetation. The sun is just awakening from its slumber although it’s late in coming due to the shorter night and longer day characteristic of December 21. The rays were piercing through the atmosphere like hot knife through butter; the sun rays are gentle to the skin, scientist said this kind of sunlight is rich in vitamin D.
The surrounding is already bustling with activities, cars roaming the road unceasingly, students and lecturers hurrying around trying to keep up with appointments. Feet of students both recognized and unrecognized; staffs; traders; vouchers and all forms of people strutted along the main road leading into the compound of the Hallmark University.

A group of students numbering about 20 to 30 were rushing towards the renowned BTU hall for a MEE test. One doesn’t need to be told for one to know they are 100level students going for MEE101 test with the way they are each hugging their Drawing boards, some held their mathematical sets at hand and some their drawing sheets between their lips as their hands are busy rummaging through their bag to check for any missing items. The hall was chosen for the test because the course is a compulsory course for all jambites and it’s the only hall with enough space and accommodation for it.

To some people it’s the best hall to strike, and its better with more casualties.

He clutched tightly to his bag as he walks leisurely towards the location of his mission, he had been coming for some days to scout the famous hall to know the best time to execute his mission and he had chosen today because he heard in the last ‘lecture’ he attended on his scouting assignments that the BTU hall will be used for a MEE test with over 12,000 students to write it, that’ll make the casualty much and our offer to be considered. He smiled as he saw a pretty lady wriggling her hips, and also clutching her board running towards the test venue, “shame, such a creature will be gone in the hour”.

After walking for about 10 minutes, he got to the hall, stood still as he s—-d in the beauty of the hall with a dropped jaw, what a marvelous masterpiece; he saluted the genius architectural mastermind behind the building.

He shook his head after recovering from his reverie and made his way to his predefined location.

As was said earlier, the hall looked like an egg, the hall had four entrances, one each located at opposite sides of the sharper edge, large enough to allow 6 persons at once, the other two are located at the broader end, stairs are needed to access these two entrances because they open to a upper level of the hall from the back. Underneath these stairs is an opening which leads to a large space where students use as reading venues, tutorials and also at night, it can be taken for an orgy.

The hall is designed in a way that it’s supported mainly by two large pillars, one each at each end to support the elevated edges of the egg. The large pillar at the broad edge of the egg-like structure is supported by two much smaller ones to keep with the pressure exerted by the multitude in the hall. This specific large pillar is at the extreme part of the expanse beneath the hall. Students seldom go there because it’s standing apart like a leper; and its dark beneath it too. He walked towards the pillar and circled it and got down to business.

He unstrapped his bag, unzipped it and brought out a cluster of bombs; he fastened each bomb dutifully to a metal railing which he has kept primarily for the purpose. When he’s done with the fastening, he screwed the metal railing to the pillar; he shook it furiously to test its rigidity, satisfied; he ceremoniously and skillfully connect each bomb to the timer, interlocking and twisting wires. When he has certified the credibility of his work, he smiled and rose. He was amazed no student has ventured into the area, “maybe the whole school’s writing the test” he said aloud sarcastically.

He looked around for some objects to cover the bomb, at least before it explodes, he saw a board nearby, and he took it and covered the bomb with it. He pulled the board back a bit to set the timer, after he has set the timer, he returned the board, looked around for the last time; picked his bag and the remaining items, he wore his sun shades and walked gracefully out of the location. He smiled at himself for a job well done. Now he has to enjoy the view.

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