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Obilo smiled for the umpteenth time as he flashed his eyes towards the direction of the clock hanging on the wall. Each tik-tok of the clock brought the time closer.

‘She will be on her way by now’, he thought.

He dipped his hand into his back pocket and produced his brown wallet, opened it and brought out the few naira notes in it. He counted them and shook his head. That was the last cash he could boast of, home and abroad.

‘Fifteen thousand naira. Wetin this one fit do for person? And I no dey expect money from anywhere soon. I go survive so?’ He sunk into a chair in a very pensive mood.

Sugar will soon arrive and he wanted to give her a good treat. First, she had told him she didn’t have transport money to come visit him and he told her to get money from anywhere that he will give it to her when she arrives. She had said it will cost her 2,000 naira for transport for only coming and possibly another 2k for the journey back. Obilo agreed to pay for all the transport.

Obilo met her on Facebook not long ago and they got along so well. He had for long been begging her to come pay him a visit and finally she agreed and being the first time,Obilo planned to take her out for some drinks,eateries and good moments before finally returning home with her to spend the night together.

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He shook his head again when he remembered the amount of money he will spend any moment from now considering the size of his pocket at the moment.

He thought about the possible later end of it and how he will recover all his money on her puccyy when they finally get home and ready to play. His pipe shook its head and stood up at the thought of this and he pinned it down with his finger.

‘Oga calm down. Na Toto go kill you one day. You too like Toto’ he said and just as if his pipe heard what he said, it calmed down and throbbed no more.

Obilo looked around the room and nodded.It shown so bright like as he waited like like boarding house student waiting the imminent entrance of the inspector to check the neatness of the room. Obilo, however was not the dirty type but he put in extra effort to make the room look so tidy and neat for the sake of Sugar.

His phone rang and he rushed to get it. It must be no other person than Sugar, he thought. It was Kosi, his nigga and partner in crime calling.

“How far. The babe don show” Kosi asked from the other side of the line immediately Obilo answered the phone.

“She never come o” He replied.

“But she dey come abi?” He asked again.

“She dey come naa. Why you dey ask me all these questions….”

“Sharap there’, Kosi cut him short, ‘No go fvrck up o. I know you. Make sure say you knack the girl. No spend for nothing o. If you need my help,tell me now o”

“Obilo nwa mama no be learner. Don’t worry I go handle am well. When I pound her finish, she go confirm say na Obaino she come meet. I no dey carry last”

“I trust you” Kosi said and ended the call from his end.

About 20 minutes time,Sugar called to say she has arrived at the park. Obilo dressed up and went out to meet her. She was looking so gorgeous and beautiful just the way she appeared on her profile picture. Obilo looked at her sweet curves and licked his lips. She is worth every penny he will spend. His face beamed with smile again as he pictured her on his bed,sitting her puccyy on his pipe with his hands squeezing her breasts as she grinds hard on him. She had a good deal of flesh and because of that, he knew she must have very big breasts and it was obvious just looking at them. He couldn’t wait to hold them in his hands while her meaty and soft wet puccyy grinds on his pipe.

He took her by the hand,drew her closer and hugged her whispering to her ear how beautiful she was. She replied with telling him he was handsome also and truth be told Obilo nwa oma was a handsome guy. His good looks attracted many girls to him and as a young man,Pussy was nothing new to him but his problem was his lack of coordination. He spends money unnecessarily just to bang puccyy and this always made Kosi call him a mugu. Most of the time after spending the money,he won’t get the puccyy and one thing with girls in his neighborhood was that once they know you to be a spender, they will always flood you. Some will pity him and give him some puccyy for the sake of next time while some will scam him by telling him one story or the other.

Sugar said he was tired and hungry the moment Obilo pulled away from the hug. He told her not to worry that he will make her feel good. They set out on a bike to the nearest restaurant where they sat and ordered for food and drinks.

She ordered for another Sharwama and more Smirnoff ice after finishing the first one. Sharwama was sold at two thousand five hundred naira there and she already took two. She ate one and asked that the second one be put in a take away for her. Obilo was beginning to feel uncomfortable as he roughly calculated the bill and it was almost ten thousand naira.

He remembered the total money he had on him. He is yet to give her transport money and “thank you for coming money”

He looked at her as she drank and smiled. He wondered why she thought he has money to spend like that.

Like she noticed what was going through his mind,she came over to him and sat on his laps. That moment, he felt better and almost forgot every other thought going on in his mind. He wasn’t putting on Jean but a very light plain trouser and that made him feel her bum-bum on his pipe. It was fairly big. She was acting strange and one could say she was under the influence of alcohol. She took her time to wriggle and move her as on him, moving to the beat of the song in the background. Her lap dance was one capable of driving a man crazy.

In no time,His pipe could no longer bear it.From behind, he held grabbed her water-melons and ran his hands down her body and to her laps. He wished they were not in a so open place like that.

That moment, the only thing in his mind was to fvrck her like crazy, he wanted to taste the Sugar in her which he knew can never be bitter.

He was tipsy too and that put increased his mood for sex.

He didn’t rush, she came for him, so he thought, and in a matter of time, that puccyy will be all his to devour.

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