My Sweet And Beautiful Experience

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

It was early in Monday’s morning in class 1 of Senior Secondary School, Mr. Okoro the biology teacher stood before the students who were listening very keenly to him, he is taking them on their favorite subject.

Anthony: [raises his right hand] sir! sir!! sir!!!

Mr. Okoro: Tony, is not sir! sir!! sir!! vagabond! [everyone in the class laughs] I resemble the missing fowl you and your mother dey look for that day? [the class roars in laughter]

Anthony: [scratching his head] sorry, sir.

Mr. Okoro: [gnashing his teeth] sorry for yourself, if you no get anything to ask yansh down, Tony!.

Anthony: I get something I wan ask, but em hard for me to talk am [scratching his head] sir ehn… them say one condom dey tear and the girl go mistakenly get belle, what if I use two the thing go still tear? [everyone in class laughs]

Mr. Okoro: will you all keep quiet! [silence roams the class] mumu question from mumu, if you like use ten condoms. if you and Angelina enter school toilet again all go tear! [the class roars in laughter]

Sandra: [sneaks in the class without noticing Teacher Okoro who is busy writing on the blackboard]

Mr. Okoro: young lady [Sandra jumps up in freight] my pant is missing on my waist, class make ona stand up greet Sandra.

Class: [every one gets up from their seats] good morning em wan wan tear my pant, we are happy to see you. Welcome late comer.

Sandra: [smiles and rolls her eyes, blows chewing-gum in her mouth] my children, make ona sit down.

Mr. Okoro: will you go inside! [Picks up his cane on the table and chases Sandra to her seat]

Everyone laughed at the way Mr. Okoro ran with his self-acclaimed British jump-up trouser and old coat with his long white socks upto his kneels. he kept back the cane were he took it earlier from the table and continued writing on the board.

At the back seat of the classroom.

Tracy: [carries her seat-mate’s hand and places it on her laps, raises her skirt to her laps] forget wetin Pub dey teach, do me utooruru joor!

Jack: I dey fear [she eyes him and winks at him] I go do am, no moan well well oh.

Tracy: [he shifts her p*nt and uses his thumbs to rub her c–t] aaahh! [M_oaning inaudibly]

Teacher Okoro: Jack! why your hands dey under your desk?, define puberty for us.

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