Episode 1


Joy: ah..um.. Ah.. Please oo, take it easy.. Mogbe oo!

She shouted as little tears where coming out from her eyes. It was obvious she was in pains. I didn’t even care, I was trying to bury all my 13 inches long and fat d–k inside of her tiny punani.

Joy: ahhhh,.. Idris please naw, am sorry please..

She started begging. The walls of her p—y were very tight. I groaned and it felt really really good inside of her. I looked down at the place where the both of us where connected and was surprised.

Here she is shouting when she hasn’t even taken half of me inside her. Little by little, I kept moving inside her little p—y very slowly.

Normally, she do take only half of my d–k but today, she must take two third. I said to myself.

Joy: please wait.. Please wait..

She m0aned as she have taken half of me inside her. Taking her by surprise, I pushed my d–k inside her tight p—y again with full force even though it didn’t move much because I was already reaching the end of her inner walls.

Joy: ahhh, take it out, please take it out…
She pushed me off her body with a great force and I fell from the couch.

Me: what’s the meaning of this rubbish?
I asked as I looked at her in the face but she turned her face from me, it was obvious she was shy.

Joy: please Idris, take it easy. Don’t you know you are hurting me?

Me: is that why you pushed me off. Can’t you even see that your voice is very loud. Do you want the neighbours to come and knocked on the door!
I said with a tint of anger in my voice.

Joy: sorry!!
She said. But truth is, I was the one at fault. I knew she couldn’t take my long and fat 13 inches d–k (that’s why my friends nicknamed it the BEAST) inside of her, well I wanna give it try.

Me: you can now go…
I said standing up. i never for once even like her. Come to think of it, they was nothing so special about her. She isn’t that beautiful, cute, attractive, intelligent or gorgeous.

She is just a food for my BEAST. Anytime I feel like pouring down a little, I’d call her and she would be at my doorstep with a great speed.

Now me on the other hand, I was not so cute or drop dead gorgeous but I’d have girls swimming around me. All thanks to the BEAST. most of my girlfriends came to me when they heard that my d–k was like the size of those that do act p–n movies.

I was about to leave when she stood up and pushed me to the couch. She climbed me and started kissing me very hard.

Joy: am sorry.

Me: ok, you are forgiven.
She smiled as she sat down on my d–k. She was wearing a gown with nothing beneath it while I was on my singlet with boxers which was on my kneel.

She rocked her waist to and fro on my bare d–k and I m0aned in pleasure. Then she raised her hips a bit, holding firm my BEAST. She put the tip into her p—y and I shudder in excitement.

She started to descend little by little. Her eyes were close shut and she whimpered in pains and excitement all together.

Joy: oh my gawd… Oh my.. Am cumminng..
She shouted as she pour hard on my body. Now half of my d–k was inside her and she looked at me with a pleading eyes.

I nodded giving a sign to go ahead. I knew she couldn’t take more than that.

She waited a little bit before she started moving her waist up and down and to and fro.

The tightness of her p—y was driving me insane. She kept f—–g me in a steady motion though she only took half of my d–k inside her.

Joy: itssss so biggggg, ahhh, Thatsssss yy I lovveee umm yessss I lovvvee it.

She said with her eyes shut. Thank God she wasn’t shouting, just then, we heard a loud knock on the door.

Could it be my parents?

What happened next?

Find out in the next exciting and thrilling episode of HOME ALONE.

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