Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

” Why did you kill your husband ? The officer asked facing me.

“I have told you several times , i didn’t kill him , i don’t know how it happened ” i said glaring at her.

“Oh oh, adeola you know i am gentle with you, that is why i have not manhandled you, you better start confessing now , before i deal with you” she said angrily.

“What do you want me to say? You want me to say that i killed my husband right? I said.

” yes, you killed him , just confess , you are the one that poisoned your husband, just confess i will help you ” she said gently , i wouldn’t say anything until they find john, i will keep my mouth sealed. What happened to me? What happened to my husband? How did he die? I am going to tell you my story.

My name is adeshewa adeola , i am a very beautiful girl , i have a perfect body, everything was so perfect, i am a graduate, i am working at a very big company, the only problem i have was that i am single, i am not in any relationship, i am thirty two years old, is not that i don’t meet men the problem was that we don’t last, they don’t love me, except david, talking about david he has been asking me out for more than seven years now , but i kept refusing, he was rich , nice trustworthy, but why i kept refusing him was because he was too ugly, to ugly for my liking, i am so beautiful i am supposed ro get married to a handsome man not a ugly person.

“Adeshewa, adeshewa, adeshewa ” my mom called my name .

“Ma, mom i am listening ” i said.

“You know i won’t deceive you” she said.

“Yes of course” i said nodded.

“Okay , who is getting married tomorrow ? She asked.

“My younger sister , now maria , she is the one getting married? I answered.

“Yes your younger sister not your older sister, adeshewa are you not ashamed , your two younger sister are married the third one is getting married tomorrow and you are here, you are not even thinking about your life , you are trying out the dress you will wear tomorrow are you not ashamed” she said angrily.

“But mom, it is not as if ,i want to remain unmarried ,those boys they are ready for marriage they just want to chop and go” i said.

“So you don’t have any body that is ready for marriage ” she asked suspiciously.

“Yes ,i dont they are not serious ” i answered.

“What about david? My mom asked.

“Mom, i have told you several times to stop talking about david i am not interested in things that are not beautiful, mom don’t you see that he is ugly” i said squeezing my face.

” ha, you are very foolish, so you have been turning him down just because he is ugly, children of nowadays, so you are looking at his outward apperances not his heart, as if you are even beautiful pele miss nigeria ” she said as she hissed.

“Mom you know na, you gave birth to a beautiful damsel” i said teasing her.

“Beautiful damsel that doesn’t have husband even those ugly damsel they have married and even give birth in their husband house, pele keep searching for a handsome man, till you stop menstruating , till you turn to old damsel, that is when you will have sense” she said angrily as she stood up and walked out. Am i at fault, wont i choose a man that befits me.

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