My Virginity (Matured Story)



Episode 3

Every morning in our street, there are always noises of people fighting, people jesting and throwing bants and preachers lamenting.

Emphasizing the coming of Christ. Uncle udeze belongs to the latter. He always went on morning cries with his rusty megaphone, screaming and shouting, calling people unto repentance. Judging their souls. Every morning, whenever i hear his voice, condemning sin and pleading the blood of Jesus on sinners, I always resolve Never to go to church or ever answer a Christian.

My brother said Christians are devils and uncle udeze is their leader, with his flowing robes and embroidered boubou..

One of those mornings, i had witnessed mama silifat fight with a man older than she was, a man who touched her bum bum while she bent to dish food for her customers. A man who licked his mouth while she pout. She dropped her plate immediately and landed him several resounding slaps in quick succession. They fought sore and mama silifat Beat him with reckless abandon, breaking several bottles on his head all the while asking him “YOU DEY CRAZE?” She became my hero. Mama silifat.

Uncle udeze sneaked into my bedroom the next evening and grabbed me as usual. I shook myself free from his embrace and asked him “YOU DEY CRAZE?” He was shocked and piqued at the same time and made to grab me the second time. I ran to the spot i hid the bottles i picked after i saw how mama silifat used them, took one of the bottles and hit on his head. Surprisingly my own bottle didn’t break immediately as mama silifat’s so i hit again and again till it broke and smashed his head. I wasn’t satisfied, i felt how it feels to control power, to exhume pain, to draw blood. I shook him severally with the sharp edge of the bottle. Stabbed him down to his loins and severally on his pen*s. He was in his own pool of blood, unconscious or maybe dead when i left him. I walked down to my brother’s room with so much peace. I told him to pack his things that we are leaving for our mother’s village. “What of uncle udeze?”He asked.

“Dead! now pack”.

As i waited for my brother to pack, I looked out through the window, the moon was getting blurry and the clouds were gathering. A perfect sign of a new Rain.

T h e E n d….


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