My Virginity (Matured Story)

Episode 1

My mom was sick and i was needed at home. I didn’t know exactly what to feel at that moment so i slumped and cried, and then i prayed. I was in jss3 and we just began our second term. While i packed some small clothes and some books i might need at home i had this strange feeling of deja vu. The melancholy was heavy even while i left All girls junior secondary school back to my village.

Uncle udeze welcomed me from the bus stop and drove me home with his Mercedes. He broke the news in the car. ‘Caro your mama is dead. she died yesterday. please be strong’. I sought so hard for tears but they didn’t come and just when i noticed how surprised uncle udeze was that I didn’t cry, I shook myself off from the car’s seat and wailed. The tears didn’t come still but I was truly devastated. Broken.

My mother was buried and uncle udeze took my brother and me in as our legal guardian. He stopped me from attending All girls. He complained it was far more expensive than the school his children attended and although my parents left alot of money and properties before they died, he said he couldn’t afford formal education and sent us to hawk on the streets of Onitsha.

One night uncle udeze came into my room and asked me if I have done it before. I was confused and i told him i truly do not understand his question. He slapped me and asked me again if any boy has entered my thing. when i said no, he yanked my ear and told me to lie down and spread my legs. I obeyed him and he pulled my pants and dug into me. I felt unimaginable pains as i yelped for help but his huge palms perfectly covered my mouth so that no noise escaped. He thrusted and thrusted till i couldn’t shout, he pushed harder till i was in blood, he continued till i collapsed.

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