My Virginity (Matured Story)

Episode 2

Uncle udeze kept sleeping with me. He had his way at any slightest opportunity. He threatened me never to tell anyone or he will kill me.

On a particular Friday morning, one of those mornings when uncle udeze’s children went to school, the wife to her shop while me and Nnana my brother went to hawk. Nnanna was running temperature and couldn’t lift a leg. I decided to sell his own items for him while he staid back at home. I had just finished selling the first items i took and came home to take the second. when I was done packing the items and simultaneously arranging them on the tray, I decided to go check on my brother to know exactly how he was faring.

He wasn’t in his room, neither was he in the kitchen so i decided to check him upstairs, maybe he was with uncle udeze. As i approached uncle udeze’s room i was caught up with devastating sounds. It sounded like the voice of one who was gasping for breath, the melancholic syntax of the sound made me more curious. I tiptoed closer to his door, and peered through his keyhole and saw the worst tragedy of my life. Uncle udeze, forcing himself into my brother. My sick brother was lying helplessly on his bed naked, crying and gasping for breath while he penetrated him with gusto. I was in tears when i opened the door, in tears when i pulled my clothes and told uncle udeze to sleep with me instead and leave my brother alone. When he got up from him and threw me on the bed, I gestured on my brother to run. As he slid into me and thrusted i began to cry more, because my brother didn’t deserve that.

Two weeks ago, i had seen uncle udeze with ifechukwu, the twelve years old girl from the next street who was in primary six. I had the same sound from his room and later she came out with teary bloated eyes holding milk candies.

I always thought he wanted only little girls, girls who wriggled in pain while he swivelled his waist in derilous pleasure. Girls who wail and call on their mommy while his ass cheeks quiver. while he climaxes.

I never thought it would be my brother Nnanna. Barely ten years old. Still young for the pain.

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