Episode 1

At the sitting room, watching manchester united vs stoke city highlight,because when am supposed to watch the live match, my Madam won’t let me,she always like sending me on an errand anytime she sees am not busy.

Thank God she is out today,at least i can watch the highlight of the match,I was with my madam daughter,she was busy chatting and also smiling.
(Girls sha,dem no go kill peson.).. As i was busy watching the super sports boring advert, suddenly i heard my name from behind…

Sara : Nick!!! can you please, get me my hand bag?

(Chai,wetin i do this people ehh,even peson wey i senior go dey send me around, but i have to. If she dares reports me to her mum,mehn.. I better bury my self,before she lays hands on me )

Me : Ok

I carried my self up and slowly went to get her bag. I gave her the hand bag,then she stood and said to me.

Sara : Nick,, when mum comes back,tell her i went to see a friend. I’ll be back soon.

Me : Alright.. ( For your mind you don open eye,Ode.). Thank God they’ve all left.. Let me just calm my self down.. Body no be firewood nau. I placed my leg on the sitting room table.. Chai,oga sweet oo… I continue watching my football highlight. And suddenly, I heard from the back.

KELVIN!!!!… (Jesu cristi) this girl did not close the door while leaving,and my mind skipped from it… I turned back and it was my Madam.. #AmDead

Don’t mind me, Am Nicholas by name.. But people around me calls me Nick,, My parents have no money to further my education,my dad have to let me go and stay with his late friend wife,she resides in Lagos. Thou, am not the only child,I still have my sister with me,her name is cellindra, but we call her queen… She is intelligent and her joy means a lot to me and my parents.. I traveled all the way from Anambra to Lagos.. So that’s where i met my my madam,her name is. Mrs Onome,but i call her Madam.

I also met sara,sara is mrs onome daughter,very disrespectful and arrogant,anyways that’s there problem. I have a dream,I have to succeed,I have my parent and my kid sister to take look after. Am gonna make it, but how will this happen..?

Find out what happened next at this great story. Don’t miss it.

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