Episode 1

I was feeling really frisky this evening.After that make-out session with T.k in the office,I needed to burn off steam lest I implode. Just recalling how his hands carressed my b0s0m had my body tingling,his m0ans as I handled his junior had me smiling.

“Hey miss,waiting for someone?… Speak of the devil I thought.

“Yah,actually,my sis was supposed to come and pick me,but knowing I.j,she must have forgotten,again” I smiled

“I can drop you” He offered

“Nah,T.k, wouldn’t want to change directions cause of me,if I dont see her in the next ten minutes,I’ll take a cab” I said not wanting to be alone with him in the confines of his car,for fear of what I might do.

“Chicken” He said sticking his tongue out att me

“Oh you dont want to do that believe me” I playfully warned

“Yah you, are afraid of been inside a car with me for fear of what might happen”
“so?… I asked
“I know you are just coming out from a relationship,but we are adults attracted to each other,we got chemistry babe” He rightly surmised.
“Whatever” I said
Before I knew what was happening,he jerked me closer with one hand,and planted his face on my neck, I resisted for about 2seconds,then gave in.

.”T.k,somebody might see us” I m0aned out

“Then,let me take you home” He said still doing crazy stuff with his teeth on my neck.

“You know that’s not….. Oooooh…umm” I m0aned as he caught a Tip between his thumb and index finger.

“You want me babe,and I sure as hell want you” He said pushing his lower body against mine to drive home his point.

The evidence of his arousa.l was very much obvious,as my core was practically dripping.
“Ok,ok,lets go” I said as I could bear the torture no longer.

“So,your house or mine?…. He said as we got on the road.

Suddenly feeling brazen,I slipped my hand between his thighs,feeling him up before answering

“Yours” His junior bobbed in my hand,in approval I guess.

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