Episode 1

“Give it to me harder baby!!!!

Harderrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! Oh baby you are the best!!!! Make me cümmmmm babyyyyy!!!!”

I continued to pound her with all my strength.

I grabbed her waist as I thrust faster, ploughing my black dìck into her wet püssy faster and faster. We were sweating torrents, our bodies shining as we mated like two mad dogs on heat.

I turned her over on her back and lifted her legs over my shoulders. She grabbed the headboard and I positioned my leaking and very hard dìck at the entrance of her red and swollen cünt. I buried it into her and continued to thrust in and out of her like a piston. Her big watermelon bréasts bounced and jiggled, and as I fücked her harder and harder, she screaming louder.

“Oh baby I’m about to cümmmmm” she m0aned.

“I’m almost there too honey” I panted, feeling myself getting closer.

Five minutes later, she roared like a demon as her örgasm shot through her. She froze as she came not once, but three times in a row. It was all I could take. The pressure in my dìck and balls was too much to bear. I had been leaking pre-cüm for a long time and I couldn’t hold on any longer. I gave two more massive thrusts, and that was it. Pulling out of her, I ripped off the condom I was wearing and jerked my dìck hard. I started gasping for air as I let myself go. My dìck began to spurt out loads and loads of hot cüm.

The first shots landed on her stomach. I aimed forward and some splashed over her bréasts.

I felt like I was choking as I released my load all over her. I couldn’t breathe. A red mist began to cloud my vision. I heard her laughing in a demonic manner and looking at her, she had these eyes, red vampire eyes. Her canine teeth had grown long as she continued to will me to cüm. I soon began shooting out blood as my consciousness began to fade. I heard her laughter again as I drifted off……

I woke up, sweating and panting. My bed was soaked. My eyes focused on the clock beside the bed. It said 4:00am. I had that dream again. I got off the bed and noticed I had messed my boxers up with cüm. Another wet dream. I’ve been having this same dream at least once a week for some time now. I gathered my thoughts together.

I headed to the bathroom to clean myself up.

The girl in the dream was my girlfriend. Ever since she traveled home for a 3 months’ vacation, I had been having these dreams.

We were very s*xüally active and we had séx at least every other day. You name it, we did it.

Arabella was a demon in bed. She literally fücked my brains out these six months we have been dating. She seemed so insatiable when it comes to séx. She was a raw animal.

We met at a dinner organized by the company I worked in. I was just fresh out of college and worked as a data analyst. She worked in a different office in the same company. Our bosses reported to the same boss, and they introduced us. We both got talking at the party. The first thing I noticed about her that night was her height.

I am all of 6’2”, but she stood almost at eye level with me. She had these long and smooth legs. She had smooth shoulders which flowed into some firm 34DD bréasts. I even thought they were fake that first day, but I later got to know those puppies were 100% real. She had the perfect body, nice hips and a flat tummy.

The black dress she had on that night molded her figure nicely. Her face was a paragon of beauty with a little mole on her cheek. Her red hair flowed generously on her shoulders, accentuating her pale skin.

All through that evening we chatted about everything – our bosses, work, the weather, things in the news, you name it. At the end of the evening while walking her to her car, we exchanged phone numbers and that’s how we started out.

As we went along, she began to slowly come out to me. We pinged each other regularly on our office communicator. She told me she had left Italy when she was two and moved to the United States with her parents. After about 20 years, her parents finally went back home but she and her older brother stayed back. She was in her senior year in college but worked full-time as a Financial Analyst in our head office. She also mentioned she had broken up with her boyfriend about a year ago and she was really enjoying her single life because “men are jerks and total douche bags!!!” We both had a good laugh when she said that. She also said she was an occasional drinker and she enjoyed her glass of wine, but not to the extent of being dead drunk. She told me a lot about herself and soon we were having drinks together. We began developing this chemistry between us as we became closer and closer to each other.

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