Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

illis’s POV

My mum would always say, “Billie the only thing that makes one woman out of many is her pride, when I’m talking about your pride I don’t mean your ego but your virginity, that’s what defines a good woman out of many, it makes you extraordinary, different.”

Those were her words ever since I turned 13.

And have been feeding on those words ever since.

She would continue “a lady who lose her virginity before her wedding night, is a shame to her family and to the society, and such dosent deserve a good home.”

Even when my classmates we’re busy having boyfriend I dared not, because even the slightest thought of it scares me.

No male friends except for damilare my childhood friend, it was hell, everyday were living hell, they cared not about my feelings or opinions.

But, finally I will be free from this agonizing words which has caged and cloud my thoughts.

Or so I thought.

This will be my story, the plights of a virgin.

“So you are going today.” damilare said lieing on the bed in my room.

“Yep, I can’t believe am finally going to school” I replied excitedly.

“So, that means I won’t get to see your pretty face anymore.” He added, his sadness was clearly heard in his words.

“Of course you will, you know if you stayed in my room for long, dad won’t like it.” I replied gazing into his brown eyes.

Damilare and i have been friends since I was 10 years, he was a year older than me.

He’s brown skinned, and about 6feet tall, he’s the best friend I would ever had.

I never mingled with girls cus mom said I would get corrupted by them, because of their attitudes, so I just stayed low and lived that boring live with my exceptionally boring brothers, who only spends their time on phones.

“Am done.” I sighed

“Ok, let’s go.” He carried my luggage and helped me with it to the living room.

“You are done packing” my dad said with his gaze fixed on the newspaper he was reading.

“Yes, sir.” I replied in fealty.

“Good, who will help you with your luggage to the garrage, because as you can see am busy and I have morning news by 10” he replied coldly.

“Don’t worry about it, I will help her to the garrage” damilare retorted.

“Ok, I wish you luck, your mom would meet you in school next week, she is in Abuja for a case.”

“I know sir, I will get going.”

I replied him and left, this has been my life, they never cared.

I took a bike with damilare to the garrage where I got a bus which was going to ikire, where I would be schooling.

“This is finally a good bye.” Damilare said looking at me, with tears almost falling down his eyes.

“Yes, I will really miss you.” I replied.

“Come here.” He stretched out an open arm and I hugged him. “Be a good girl while over there.”

“I will” I replied and then disengaged from the hug.

“Bye” he said with a wave.

The driver starts the engine and we set off on the journey of an hour.

I couldn’t stop thinking about damilare, he’s the only thing I will miss at home, I will finally be free from my parents and have all the fun I ever wanted.

I got to my hostel and arranged my luggage preparing for the next day.


The next day I got up from the bed took my bath and dressed up for school.

It was my first day I thought it would be fun.

In my black high waist pants and my white turtle neck top and my white sandals.

I remain sitted on my chair taking lectures on POL 101 with no clue on what the lecturer was talking about.

I just wished he would stop, it’s so boring I wish I could die.

After class ended I bumped into a guy.

“Oh my God am sorry.” He begged picking the books for me.

Dave’s POV

“Oh my God am sorry.” I said after bumping into a girl.

“It’s ok” she replied.

“Here it is am sorry.” I handed her books over to her, suprised by her beauty I couldn’t help but stare into her eyes.

“Are you ok?” She waves her hands towards my eyes with a smile.

“Am not ok, how can you be so beautiful?”

“That’s absurd am not pretty.” She replied probably flattered.

“Of course you are not pretty, but you are beautiful.”

“Thanks then” she replied and tucked her hair behind her back.

She must probably be a fresher, she has no ID on her since it’s a general practice here, and the fact that she doesn’t know me shows that too.

“If you don’t mind me asking, are you a fresher?”

“Is it so obvious?” She replied smiling.

“Definitely, which department? and the name?”

“History and international studies, and the name is Billie”

“Really? you have a nice name there” I asked faking suprise.

“Am one of the fourth year student, and the name is dave.” I replied.

“Wow, it’s really nice meeting you.”

“Same here, do you mind me having your contact?” I asked.

“Of course sure” she replied and we exchanged contact.

Afterwards we head our separate ways.

She’s so pretty, I must be the one to have her before anyother guys does.

The next day I called her telling her to meet up and she suggested we meet at her place.

“Come inside.” She invited me in.

“Wow your room is so nice.”

“Thanks” she replied smiling in her bum short and her revealing top.

“You’re welcome.” I replied.

“So what would you like to have?

“Anything” I replied sitting on her bed.

“Ok, noodles will be done in a sec.” She left and went to her kitchen, a few minutes later she came back with a plate of noodles.

“Thank you.”

“So, have been having problems with this course pol 101, maybe it’s because I resumed late.” She said sitted close to me.

“Pol 101? That’s my favorite when I was a first year student.”

“Really?” She said excited.

“Of course.”

“Guess am lucky.” She said biting her lower lips and moving closer to me.

“Guess you are.” I replied gazing into her pretty eyes.

“Really?” She touched my laps and moved her hands closer in.

It was then I realized she was flirting with me, given the way she’s dressed too.

I just can’t waste an opportunity to get laid like that and she’s a fresher.

“Yes, really lucky.” I said and moved my hands closer to her thighs before I knew anything she kissed me softly which I responded to.

I was already hard as a rock.

“Billie, what exactly do you want pol or sex.”


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