Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

Chorking at my one corner, my face was beamed with smiles since an unexpected miracle had occur, YES! church had closed two hours earlier.

Evelyn (an old time friend) engaged me in a humorous convo after being the first to acknowledge my African wear i spent the whole of the previous night ironing.

My uncontrollable strings of laughter got arrested by the radiation of the catwalk of a ‘Cinderella’ who gorgeously approached us. For the sake of the premises in which we found ourselves, I’d have hugged, kissed, fondled her b**bs and the rest will be history‍.

‘Jay’, she seductively mentioned my name. With my face cemented in amazement, i just wondered how she knew me. Or another miracle..??

‘Don’t you remember me??, it’s me Angie. We shared the same sitting place back in the primary’, she said.

In order to avoid the backfiring of my already dirty hatched plans for her i exclaimed: ‘ok ok Angie, yeah i clearly remember always came to school with a school bag, isn’t it??’

We laughed off, exchanged contacts as i hurriedly served Evelyn with an unexpected goodbye.

Angie and I kick started our walk home‍ with tales of our past. Not too pleased to hear that she had a boyfriend I guess she was also not pleased to hear i had a girlfriend.

Playing the gentleman’s card, i patiently escorted her to her home after which she generously returned the favor of escorting me to my place. Step 1 no afa

It was obvious that the only chair available in my room, sorry ghetto was my bed. Even though boys don’t deem this tactics necessary, it works for me all the time.

After we had fed each other with the waakye i spent my last GH¢5 on, she opted to watch a movie. Still playing the gentleman’s cards, i asked which movie she preferred thus between Games of Thrones (G.O.T) Parody XXX & Spartacus. Expecting no reply, I hurriedly double tapped the G.O.T Parody XXX to set it in motion.

The movie started on a good note until the adults scene began to unfold. Lying side by side on the bed, our legs occasionally tipped each others. The room was tensed with hormones rising above sea level. The continuous rotation of the fan was the only witness to our long overdue silence. I looked into her face, she looked into mine, i drew closer, she drew closest. I asked myself in my mind, ’33fa anaa??’

I kissed her, she turned me down. After debating in my mind for an hour whether she really wanted this, I touched her, this time she didn’t resist. I smooched her ass slowly, kissed her reddish lips again only for her to return the kiss. I held her breasts firmly together.

(At this point I realized I had made it in life..)

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