Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1


Part 1


After that first episode with Chioma, we started fucking all around the house like newly weds. Every moment we were alone, we would be in each other’s arms, either totally nude with me thrusting hard and fast into her or partly clothed while she sat on my dick and rode me joyfully.



Sometimes she would be in the kitchen preparing dinner and I’d sneak in behind her and grab her ass. She would gasp and tell me to stop the act seeing that my parents were in the sitting room watching the 7o’clock news. I didn’t care, I just wanted to have more orgasms. And since I couldn’t go out and ask any other girl for it, I wanted to exploit my one and only source till it dried up like a well that had run out of water.


Well, the well didn’t dry up, the blady thing moved outta town.

We had been at our hide-and-smash game for a little more than 2 months when she suddenly became cold towards me. Every time I tried to initiate sex, she would refuse. She started locking her door before she slept so I couldn’t sneak into her room anymore. Once while she was bathing and I walked naked into the bathroom with the full glory of my erection in view, feeling like a walking Greek sculpture, she screamed at me and told me to leave.



Even threatened to say to my folks that I tried to rape her if I refused to leave. My very last attempt was when I tried to do the “kitchen sneak” on her. I had tiptoed to where she stood busy with what she was doing and slid my hand beneath her skirt, reaching for her crotch with my fingers and trying to slid a finger into her when she’d turned around quickly, brandishing the knife she’d been chopping carrots with, intending to cut my head off. I’d quickly dodged and the knife had slightly cut me just at the side of my face. I stepped back with fear as she pointed the knife at me with a scowl on her face to show she had meant it.


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