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I was home for the summer from college and thought I would take advantage of the empty house. A buddy of mine had given me a porn DVD that I couldn’t wait to watch. No one was due home for a few hours so I flipped the movie into the DVD player took my shirt off and loosened my pants then got comfortable on the sofa.

The movie was hot. It showed this really hot looking older woman doing all kinds of stuff to this young stud. It wasn’t long before I had my pants off and my dick in my hand when all of a sudden I heard

“What the hell do you think you’re doing young man?”

I jerked my head around and saw my mom standing off to the side of the sofa with her hands on her hips glaring down at me as my mouth dropped open is shear horror at being caught.

‘Is this what you do on MY sofa when nobody’s home?”

I was in shock. I let go of my dick and reached wildly for my pants. But my mom took a quick step towards me putting her foot down on my crumpled pants pinning then to the floor. She slipped her glasses down her nose and pressed me for an answer.


My forty-five-year-old mom can be moody, somewhat unpredictable and a little uppity at the best of times. At forty-five years old she is still very beautiful. Looming over me now in the living room she looked a little more than just bitter. didn’t know what to say. I mean wasn’t it obvious what was doing? I sat there looking at her with my hands in my lap trying to hide my cock the best I could. In hind-site I guess I should have been reaching for the remote. My mom glanced in my lap then shot a quick look at the TV where the movie was still playing.

“Do you want me to suck your cock?” The woman was asking the young boy on the TV.

My mom whipped her head back around to me with a nasty look.

“Nice movie,” She said sarcastically.

To my horror she spotted the DVD case lying beside me on the sofa. She reached over picked it up and looked at it disapprovingly.

‘Well isn’t this sweet She said with more sarcasm.

She studied the cover and read the title out loud.

‘A Mother’s Seduction”.

I felt the last of my boner disappear. If my cock had had legs, I’m sure he would have taken off and left me on the sofa alone to deal with this.

‘A Moth er’s Se duc tion’ She repeated emphasizing each syllable.

She turned back to the television screen in time to see this woman, who was about her age, swallowing the boy’s cock. And I do mean SWALLOWING!

She looked back at me again harshly and I wanted to die right there and then. I reached for the remote to turn the TV off, but my mother stopped me.

“What do you think you’re doing?” She growled at me as I sat there a little confused by the question.

“I’m, I’m turning it off.” I answered.

‘Did I tell you to turn it off?” She barked back at me.

“Well no, but I thought”

“You thought, you thought WHAT?” she barked again.

“You thought you’d sit in MY living room naked and jerk off on My sofa, right?” She asked with even more sarcasm.

I didn’t know what to say to that. I mean… Yeah that’s exactly what I thought but I figured this was no time to be a smartass.

“I don’t think you thought at all”, She went on

“Suppose I had walked into this living room with a friend or god forbid someone I worked with?”

She stood silent waiting for an answer but before I could say anything the boy’s voice on TV filled the living room,

“Let me fuck you now, Mom.”

My mom turned her attention to the TV screen.

“Mom?” She questioned the TV.

The older woman was bending over the arm of the couch and the boy was stepping up behind her. We both watched as she reached back and guided his hard cock into her wet pussy. My mother stood wide eyed for a few seconds then glared back at me.

“What kind of perverted movies do you watch? She asked coldly.

She took another look at the DVD cover in her hand then turned it over and began to read the back out loud.

“A Mother’s Seduction’ The steamy story of a lonely frustrated Mother and her hidden desire, and the son who is determined to break down her defenses and take advantage of her weaknesses.’

I sat there waiting for the hammer to drop. I was thoroughly embarrassed and terrified at the same time. She looked down at me from the DVD case coldly then let her eyes drift to the TV.

The son was working his hard dick in and out of his mother from behind and the mother was begging him to do it harder. Had he done it any harder he would have driven his mother into the next гоот.

“This is the kind of stuff you like to watch? She asks with a kind of loathing dripping off each word with her eyes never leaving the TV screen. I didn’t dare answer.

“This is the kind of shit that excites you, a mother that lets her son do that to her?” She went on.

“That’s sick you dirty little bastard. I suppose I’ll need to make you an appointment with Dr. Washburn (Her Psychiatrist) She says disappointedly.

Her eyes never left the television once as she belittled me. I was speechless and felt like a pervert. I felt like I’d been caught peeking into one of the neighbor’s bedroom windows late at night. I could just picture her telling my Dad and all three of us sitting in therapy for the next ten years. I just sat there naked with my hands in my lap. I didn’t think I’d ever be able to get another hard-on again. She turned to me and gave me a long hard look.

“Well, She scrutinized.

“You must be in pervert heaven huh?” She says totally catching me off guard reading my face before she continued,

“I mean, after all, here you are jerking off to an Incest movie and your MOM walks in and catches you. No doubt that scenario has been played out somewhere in the beginning of this dreadful movie?” She asks waiting on my reply.

She glanced back at the TV screen. The son was sitting on the sofa his with his mom now kneeling in front of him between his legs

‘Jerk off for me sweetie”, She says.

“I want to watch you cum.” She adds as she licks her lips.

“Oh look at that, he’s jerking off for his mommy” She spoke with such contempt as she watched.

“How appropriate, don’t you think? suppose you would like to do that with me as well?” She mocked.

Mom stood there with the DVD case still in her hand and her foot still planted firmly on my pants pinning them to the floor, watching, until the son shot his load. I heard the mom let out an “Ohl” as the kid shot a huge load into the air in front of his mother. Before the boy was finished the mom lunged forward with her mouth open and caught some of the boy’s cum in her mouth and on her lips.

“I can’t believe people do stuff like that.” My mom said softly.

I’m not sure why but I thought about my dad. I pictured my mom in curlers and face cream lying on her back in her bed with her robe open and her legs reluctantly spread a stopwatch in one hand and a club in the other.

“You have three minutes.” I wasn’t sure if she was talking to me or herself.

She stood there and watched as the mother licked the boy’s cock clean. I watched my Mom as she stood there watching and I didn’t think I could feel any more uncomfortable that is until my mom turned and looked at me.

“Well go ahead” She says as she glances into my lap.

I thought that was my cue to grab my pants and run to my room.

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