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Sha Ron .

It was exactly eleven o’clock when my uncle came to pick me up at the motor park.

To my wildest surprise, he came in a BMW and I thought that maybe he borrowed a car or a friend offered him a lift to come pick me.

My name is Jennifer Onochie, I was born and brought up in Egenyi 1, a village in Ezza south LGA, Ebonyi state of Nigeria. I am currently 19 years old and I just finished my secondary school.

I don’t think it’s nice to tell you about my school because it’s just a community school for the downtrodden, if you understand what I mean.

I came to spend the holiday at my uncle’s house while I wait for next year to write my JAMB. Though my parents aren’t educated and well to do, they are trying their best to see that I go to the university.

I am an only child and it wasn’t easy to persuade my parents to come to Port Harcourt to visit my uncle, but I did it and here I am.

Undeniably, my uncle looked happy to see me, he barely comes home (village) to visit us and I can’t remember the last time he did this year.

I can’t even describe his wife or children, his children haven’t been to the village before and his wife visited only during their marriage.

Whatever their reasons are, I still feel it’s abnormal to forsake your father’s land because of the city that belongs to another.

I got more surprised when the car pulled up in front of a big gate, he punched the horns and the noise blazed over the place.

The gates opened widely, it was opened by Musa, my uncle told me he’s his gateman. I chose to call him Aboki (my friend).

I got more amazed when I realized the house belongs to him and I saw two other cars parked in the compound.

I kept quiet though, if he chose to hide his wealth and pretend to be poor when he comes to the village, he has his reasons and I don’t want to interfere in his privacy.

He took me inside and Aunty felt delighted to see me, at least, she just found someone to help with household chores…… Africa’s and wisdom…lolz.

Wait! I forgot to tell you something!!.

I am very beautiful, I grew up in the village, yes! But, I don’t look any different from City girls, I can actually take their boyfriends away from them if they aren’t careful where am concerned.

One thing is for sure, I am decent and I don’t actually have time for boys, if a Nigerian babe wants to get higher, it should be plus meditation minus men!.

I was also introduced to their little daughter, Nancy.

She’s six years and a handful at that age. She showed me around the house with lots of giggles and sister this, sister that. She’s a darling and I like her already. Hope you do?.

At thirty five minutes past four, I was overwhelmed by weakness from the days travel. I lay on the couch and dozed off.

The door bell ringings woke me up minutes later, I cursed whoever is disturbing me and I forced myself out of the couch when nobody came to answer the door.

Where are others?

I looked around but found no other presence in the parlour, I stretched myself and yawned heavily as I went to open the door.

I opened the door to stare open mouthedly at a very handsome face.

I swallowed hard as my heart skipped a beat, words can’t describe the feelings I felt that moment and the dirty things that ran through my mind just at that mind blowing moment.

He towered over me so I had to throw my head back to look up at his awesome face, I have seen and met many boys but none as good looking as him.

I can’t even compare his perfect face to the face of the best male model in America.

“Ehm, who are you looking for?” I asked him when I caught myself.

“Excuse me?” He looked amused.

“How can I help you?” I refrained my question.

“I should ask you that question, babe” he said and touched my chin as he smiled slyly.

Do you know what I want to do now?

I don’t freaking care who he is or wanna know who he is, all I want to do is to wrap my arms around him and tell him to take me there and then!.


I never felt like this before, what’s wrong with me?

I was fine and normal moments ago before he interrupted.

“What do you mean?” I blocked his path when he wanted to go into the house.

Does he think touching my chin will earn him freedom into my uncle’s house?

I feel with my heart, not my head, my sense is intact.

“This is my house, damsel!” He said playfully and walked past into the house.

I stood at the doorway, looking stupid, looking dumb.

He must think am a dummy right now!.

Oh! How foolish I am!!.

It isn’t exactly my fault, how would I know he lives here, neither aunt nor uncle told me about a ‘he’.

I turned slowly to look at him as he took the stairs up, the hand on the railing is what I want on me right now.

I want more of that featherlike touch again!

What’s wrong with me?!. What sort of crazy things are running through my mind? I think I need to visit the hospital for my own good!

Jenny dear, you are here at your uncle’s place which means he is your uncle’s son and that should be enough to cut off any stupid thought on your mind.

I wish he will just be a friend of theirs and not in anyway related to them…..

There I go again!

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