Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

“I am not faking it! She used my cape to dry clean that stupid pet’ patley shouted in Anger.

“Is that true Miriam?” Sister Mag asked. Shooting her a Stern look.

“I…only… I just…” Miriam stuttered

“Is that true?” She asked again.

“Milky was drenched in water and I had to dry clean her…

“By using patley’s cape?”

“I didn’t realize it was hers”

“She’s lying! She even went as far to call me a sick-f°ck when I tried to correct her” Patley added.

“What? Miriam!” May called out in shock.

“Patley spang milky so hard and she purred. She is heartless” Miriam defended.

“Still. That didn’t give you the right to call her a sick Fu…. Holy Mary!” Magdalene shrieked in horror. Unable to finish her statement. She brought out her Rosary and triple crossed herself. Muttering what only she could hear.

“Mmmh” Miriam rolled her eyes seeing Mag’s act. “Holier than thou” she snorted.

“Miriam you know better than to use such unholy words in the house of our creator.

You know the Almighty hates dirty words and filthy takes that defile our tongues. It’s a sin and you must go for prayers”

Mag stated clearly.

“What?? No not again! How many times do I get to go for prayers?

Don’t you think I am bothering the creator? He’s got other prayers to attend to rather than to someone who simply called her fella a sick f°ck”

Miriam consciously repeated the last part just to Spike patley who seemed like she was gonna kill her any minute.

“Blessed Mary”…. Magdalene mumbled.

“Infact you get to serve a punishment before the prayer” she trailed out.

“Oh great” Miriam shrugged her shoulders.

“Community service this minute. And patley will see that you sweep clean the big garden close to Montana’s school. ”

“Why patley? Can’t you pick someone better?” Miriam asked causing patley to groan hard.

“Patley is better. Besides no one would like to babysit you while you face another community service”

“Fine!” Miriam huffed and turned to leave.

“Sister Mag…she hasn’t apolgised yet” patley blurted out.

“Oh right! Miriam?” Mag called.

“Apologize to sister Patley”

“Seriously? Do I have to do that?” She asked irritably. But she got only a blazing glare from Sis Mag.

“Alright.” She sighed out in frustration and turned to patley who waited patiently for her apology.

“Am sorry”

Miriam hated to say the word sorry especially to someone who deserves it.

“You have your apology now Pat” Mag smiled and got up from her seat.

“Yeah…” Patley replied eyeing Miriam disgustfully.

Miriam frowned. This stupid still has the guys to eye her after saying the word sh hated most to her.

Well, it’s never too late to take it back.

I am not sorry she mouthed to patley.

Patley’s eyes widened the moment Miriam did that.

“Sis Magdalene Miriam just ….

That’s it!

Miriam quickly ran out of the room in laughter.

“Crazy Miriam” Pat grunted.

“You are so in trouble” she added running after her.

Miriam sat on a Big Rocky stone looking so tired. She never knew the garden was this big and dirty. She wondered if they still had Gardner’s in the city.

She has tiredly and endlessly swept for the past three hours with patley lazily sitting and telling her what to do.

How much she loves getting on Pat’s worse side. Jeez she’s too grumpy. Patley is six years older than she is and they have never ever or ever will they agree on a single term.

“I need water Pat” Miriam requested.

Patley was with a bottled water which she brought Along from the convent .

“Drink your pee” patley replied nonchalantly.

Miriam expected that.

She knows patley would never spare a drop for her. Not in the next Life.

“Huh! You really are one big sick f°ck” Miriam bluntly stated out

“I’m still gonna tell on that” patley threatened.

“Be my guest” she smirked.

“Stupid!” Patley huffed. ” Hurry up with this. Am so fed up babysitting you” she added with a stretchy yawn.

“Am the one babysitting here. You are just a bench warmer” Miriam scoffed out

“Whatever ” Pat rolled her eyes and turned her face the other way.

“I see you are back” sis Mag caught up with a tired Miriam on the hallway.

“Yes. We just arrived.” She retorted with a weared out voice.

“Okay. I hope the community service was a success amm”

“Yes . The best ever”

Note the sarcasm

“Sis Mag I need to go freshen up now…”

“Alright but, before then, I have news for you” she smiled brightly.

“News? It’s been long I heard news. Hope this news will lit up my already spoilt day” Miriam asked getting interested.


“Miriam your Mama sent words today. She wants to see you”

“My Mom?” Miriam’s voice Fell instantly.

After so many years.. she has finally asked of her.

After dumping her in the care of sister Mag and the other Rev’d sisters.

“But why?” Her voice trailed off as tears clouded her eyes.

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