Episode 1

I put my right hand on my chest to stop my heart from falling out of it and with the the other hand clutched my turquoise blue purse.

I froze on a spot looking at him, if beautiful was a word that any man has a right to be called then i guess, i can proudly say ‘he is beautiful’

As if on impulse, he turned and smiled at me revealing the best dentition and the ‘whitest teeth’ i have ever seen.

I couldn’t smile back nor do anything, i was just foolishly looking at him.

He waved at me and began coming towards me as if i had a big placard saying ‘come to me’ in my hands.

I turned sharply and began walking away to only God knows where, they say love is foolish but now i know and i can scream it loudly that love is indeed foolish.
Since i had seen him that morning at Vivian’s church wedding, my heart has been doing some unimaginable stunts.
He was the bestman and i the chief bride’s maid, even while at the altar, i was praying to God to see me through as my legs were shaking and my heart was beating faster than normal, as if to torment me more he kept giving me those charming smiles that could make any woman go gaga.

His perfectly chiselved face and his dark lashes and thick brows, pink lips, slightly pointed nose and i can’t forget the skin colour, the golden brown colour, he was just perfect, he could become Mr. Nigeria without even competing.

All those features kept coming to my mind as i walked away foolishly, i only stopped when i bumped into someone who didn’t take it lightly with me and hurled insults on me.

It was as if the insults brought me back to my senses, as i looked around to see that everywhere was almost deserted, and the hall which the wedding receptions was held which once looked beautiful was now a ‘fine mess’ as the chairs which were decorated with turquoise blue and white were now stained and some were even over-turned.

I decided to forget the ‘prince charming’ and look for my bestie, the lady of the day.

I located the room easily as she had used that particular hotel room in the morning for the bridal preparations.

”V, i am so happy for you” i said hugging her happily.

‘thanks sis”

”you are now Mrs. Vivian Kolawole” i said and winked at her.

”Go jare, i was about changing when you came in”

”what are you waiting for, change nah”

”i don’t want to change in front of single ladies” she said and gave me a tongue out.

”haba, your marriage has not even reached ten hours and i am already receiving insults, what will now happen if it reached ten years or just ten days sef”

”by then you too would have become a Mrs nah” she said with assurance.

”you talk as if, Mrs is a title that i can just go and buy from the market”

”Biko, help me and zip this gown down jare” she turned her back to me and i did as she asked.

”bae, this gown make sense today for your body o” i said in pidgin with a pinch of jealousy.

”aha, you just noticed it right? I don’t blame you sha, why would you notice it when you were busy drilling holes into the best man’s body with your eyes’ she said and i flinched

”so she noticed” i thought to myself.

”aunty please close your mouth” she said and touched my jaw

”it was obvious nah, i am sure everyone noticed it”

”V, it is not what you are thinking” i said in whisper.

”what am i thinking” she asked keeping her facial expression neutral.

”let’s change the topic jare’
” hmmmm”

puttting on a gorgeous red gown, she sat by my side and i knew from her facial expression that she wanted to do one of those her serious talks.

” most times i wonder, how did i attract this super-rich guy, i mean what do i have, for him to choose me over all those classy girls”

”You have super-big b**bs” i said and she hit me playfully,

”i will miss you, your noise and not forgetting all your unnecessary tantrums” i said and hugged her tightly and tearily We were still in that position when, we heard a knock on the door, Vivian answered the door and when i turned lo and behold, i came face to face with the beautiful him.

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