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SCARLETT MASON sat still, her legs crossed and one elbow resting on the table as she looked pointedly at the blaring television showing a boring news.

She had on a cold, set expression on her face, toying with her glass of martin.

Her eyes repeatedly checked her wrist watch, impatiently staring as the hour hand ticked slowly away.

A short pink faced middle aged man rushed into the bar, scratching the back of his ears as he headed towards where she sat.

Scarlett leaned back on her chair, her eyebrows drawn in a frown. ” Thought you’d never show up, Kay. I’ve been waiting for hours.”

Kay sat down opposite her, removing a dirty handkerchief from his pocket to whip his sweating soaked face.

” Sorry about that, Scarlett,” he said, showing crooked teeth. ” I got held at the office, you know. It ain’t easy getting off once you’re done filming. There’s the editing stuff and it takes time.”

Scarlett gently sipped from her glass. ” Alright, so what’s cooking? You said you got something for me.”

Kay’s face brightened.

” You bet I have,” he leaned forward. ” That’s kinda the reason I got here late. You see, the directors came up with an incredible idea for our next shooting.”

” What’s that got to do with me?”

Kay drew his seat closer, grinning broadly. ” I’m getting there, I’m getting there. We’re gonna do a reality p–n video.”

Scarlett didn’t seem surprised. Reality p–n video were held all the time. It wasn’t anything special.

Kay Continued before she could say anything further. ” And this ain’t just any reality video. We’re gonna do the shooting in secret.”

This puzzled Scarlett. ” Why?”

” We want it to look real and unplanned for,” Kay explained. ” There’s this Senior high school in town. We’re gonna be shooting a secret p–n video in it.”

” That’s crazy.”

Kay lifted his shoulders. ” That’s what I said but hey who listens to what I say? I’m only a film editor. Anyways, the directors came up with the idea of having a pórn actress fúck the students in the guise of a school teacher, you know what I mean. The boys won’t know they’re being filmed by secret cameras.”

Scarlett brought out a gold cigarette case from her handbag. She pulled out two cigarettes, handed one to Kay and placed the other on her glossed lips.

” Xhub might get sued for this,” Scarlett said, fishing out a match box from her bag. She lit her cigarette and handed the box over to Kay. ” The school would blow it’s top if they got to find out we acted pórn with their students.”

Kay showed his teeth, letting smoke drift off his nostrils. ” Yeah, there’s that part but who cares? Xhub’s a big company. If the school press charges, we pay the fine. Xhub can afford it. However, Eddie had some talk with the principal.”

Scarlett flickered ashes off her cigarette, a bored expression on her face. ” Eddie’s bribing the principal?”

Kay nodded, staring at the glowing end of his cigarette. ” It costs Eddie a big bundle but that’s to be expected. So we’re clean. We get to do our shooting but on the condition we blur the faces of the students.”

Scarlett had heard enough. ” So where do I step in on this deal?”

Kay drew his seat closer. He had that convincing looks on his red face. ” Actually, Eddie wanted me to talk to you. We were going through the lists of all our actresses today. We’ve got hundreds of pórn performers out there for this job but Eddie picked you.”

Scarlett showed no reaction. She kept a straight face while she smoked but deep inside, she was excited.

” Why me?”

” That’s what I asked,” Kay ran his hand over his face. He returned the cigarette back to his lips, drawing in smoke slowly. ” We held a meeting. Eddie kept yapping about how much he likes you. You’re smart, you’re beautiful, you got the right figure and what’s more, you’re great in acting. He believes you can make this show come alive. That’s why he picked you.”

Scarlett drank from her glass. She swirled the drink in her mouth and drank it down her throat.

Her mind ran with a lot of things but she was very much interested in what Kay was offering.

” What’s the pay off?”

Kay leaned back on his chair confidently. ” A hundred thousand dollars.”

Scarlett went hot then cold. Even in her wildest dreams she had never thought of earning such a sum.

She has been acting pórn for over three years now. This was the highest pay she was going to receive.

” That’s a lot.”

Kay lifted his shoulders. ” That’s the best offer Eddie can give. You take it or leave it.”

Of course she was taking it. If she declined, there’s always another slút ready to snatch up the offer without thinking. This was an opportunity of a lifetime, she wasn’t going to flop it.

” Won’t I get in trouble for this?” Scarlett asked, trying to keep the excitement in her voice down. ” What if something goes wrong?”

Kay winked slyly at her. ” Hey, don’t bother your brains about that. Leave it to the management. We’re in show business. We get what we want and clean up the messes later, remember?”

It only needed that to get her convinced. ” Alright, I accept.”

She accepted.

Crushing the end of her cigarette on the ash tray, she tucked it at the back of her mind that soon, she would be fúcking some random high school boys before hidden cameras.

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