Episode 1

“Today as we all know is another prize giving day for us here at the Fisher’s academy, we would be giving out prizes in different categories ranging from intellect to sports” the mc voice echoed in all the speakers mounted around the four corners of the big hall where hundreds of students were seated happily, on one corner of the hall, students, about fifty of them could be seen in brown flowing gowns, they were the graduating students. The parents weren’t left out, a special corner was also allocated to them, the parents present were mostly those of the graduating students, and they had come to celebrate with their children. “At last, am done with the fisher’s college” Gabriel laughed turning to his friend Israel who was trying hard to make his cap fit perfectly into his head. “My brother, I join o, I can’t express how happy I am” Israel said finally fitting the cap into his head, “All the cane, all the shouts, they are all over” Nkechi put in from behind them, Gabriel only smiled admiring her beauty, she happens to be his college girlfriend.

Gabriel isn’t that perfect description of a lover boy, his mates actually thought him to be that kind of guy who has no affection for girls. That was what they thought of him, if they had carefully observed him, then it won’t take you so long to realize he is actually a shy guy. He himself can’t say what was wrong with him, he finds himself feeling uncomfortable anytime he was around the opposite sex, it wasn’t the way he was brought up, as a matter of fact, he grew up surrounded with girls, his three sisters. He happens to be a natural stammer, not a chronic stammer. Meeting him for the first time, you won’t deduce he is a stammer but man just hear him speak with the opposite sex, then you will see his full stammering potentials. For about two months after he was admitted into the Fisher’s college, he had only one friend, Israel. Israel on his part happens to be that guy the girls want to hang around with though he wasn’t as handsome as his friend, Gabriel. It was not like the girls didn’t like Gabriel, but which girl will want to go near a guy whose face is always planted inside his note? Apparently no one, or we might be wrong, Nkechi did. Nkechi Chris, a tall, fair beautiful big eyes girl was brought up under the meek hands of Mr. and Mrs. Chris, she was their last child and the only girl so little or no wonder why she was her parent’s favorite. She had started her primary education at the Fisher’s primary school and she had advanced further in the same school. Gabriel on his part finished his junior secondary school in one Pearl college, he had to leave the school for the Fisher’s college when his parent had to relocate to their permanent home.

It was in the sss 2 class that Nkechi couldn’t bear it anymore, she had tried giving Gabriel signs that she was in love with him, she knew he was also in love with her but due to one thing or the other, he couldn’t just bring himself to tell her. “yes, I said I wanted to see you” Nkechi started as she sat opposite Gabi in the school food canteen, it had been terrible trying to bring him to her, all thanks to Israel who had succeeded in playing him to her. “ yeah, Israel told me so “ came his thick smooth voice, she smiled as she heard him talking to her, not for once has he even spoken to her since he started the Fisher’s college. “ so if Israel haven’t told you, you wouldn’t have come to see me bah?” she asked in a bit of a baby’s voice, he didn’t reply. “I expected that” she smiled, “anyways, I will try my possible best to be brief, I know you are kind of a busy guy” she mocked him and watched to see her reaction, he simply fixed his gaze on her. “I have kept this to myself for too long, and I thought I should let it out so it won’t continue hurting me, you may choose to see me anyhow you want to from today but I can’t keep it any more, I love you Eugene” she said in a light voice, his reaction was the same, like she had not said anything. “Yeah, I know I have messed up myself to you, but I don’t regret saying it, Gabriel I love you” she added, this time he adjusted himself on the chair but still said nothing. “Never in my existence have I ever seen a guy as rude and proud as you are, I have told you what I have to, bye.” She said standing up from the plastic chair she was sitting on, anger could be visibly seen written all over her face, surely she was now regretting telling him how she felt for him. She dusted her skirt and took one last, long stare at him before turning to go, “ I was waiting for the part where you ask if I love you too” came Gabriel’s thick voice from behind, she turned sharply to face him, it was unbelievable, she never thought he would answer her, she had only come to try her luck. “After such long statement, the girl will always end up asking if the guy loves her too but there you are walking away” he smiled, had she ever seen him smile? He himself could not believe such words were coming from his mouth, he had never thought he could feel so cool with a girl, surprisingly, he wasn’t sweating as he always does when speaking to a girl, he wasn’t even stammering. She smiled at him to reveal her white teeth, this was the best day ever since she had been in the fisher’s college. “Do I need to ask? It is obvious you got nothing for me” she said in a bid to force words from his mouth, “why don’t you ask first” he smiled again, “ Save me the strength of asking” she pleaded, “ okay, I don’t hate you” he said stretching the word don’t, she breathed in relief when he completed the statement. “ and as for if I love you, what took you so long to ask me, I have been waiting for this day since I was born” he laughed, she couldn’t help but also laugh, “ I love you too” he added and got up from the chair, it was almost break over, his wrist watch told him so. “ I think we should go to class” he told the smiling Nkechi, “ not so fast, this always happens when two lovers meet themselves” she said staring at his broad chest, “ w…” he was about saying something when she wrapped her hands around him in a hug, he was sweating again.

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