Episode 1

There is this beautiful pregnant lady that lives in my estate, dark skin and very fresh looking. I always see her trekking in the evening whenever I’m coming back from work and out of pity for her condition.

I always offer to give her a lift just to ease her stress but anytime wey I carry am, e be like sey na ghost I carry, because any time she is in my car, she doesn’t alter a word, smile or even press her phone, she go just straight face like Wike during primary election.

The moment she alights from vehicle I will tell myself that I won’t pick her up again but once I see her the next day, I go stop carry am, abeg no be juju be that?

I have tried asking around about her story but the only thing i was told was that she got impregnated by someone who denied the pregnancy, so I simply concluded to myself maybe the journey of single motherhood pressured her into being reclusive.

Well nothing concern me, so all I do is just give her lift and ask her nothing before person use bill hook me like sey I open charity foundation for pregnant women, opening a charity home for pregnant women is a noble thing to do but country too hard.

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