Stars Of Hotchkiss High School


“Ahh….stop…stop….omg….its burning”. The bitch tony is fcking kept on shouting. “Arrr”. Tony screamed and poured into her. “Worst sx ever, your moans aren’t romantic but your position were great”. He commented.
“I know, if I was to contest for porn hub i will be given the best award”. She said, romantically caressing his chest and he hit her hands away.
“Why that? I thought we are now in good term, like we are now in a relationship”. Debby said and he chuckled.
He stood up.
“Relationship my foot, come on get dress am expecting a visitor soon”. He said and walk into the bathroom.
“Even though I want to date someone,not a pig,her pu$$y sink”. He muttered while he put on the shower.
Debby sat on the bed dejectedly,she looked at herself from head to toe.
“Ain’t I pretty?….Gosh! He is truly crazy”.
“He said I should leave….I can’t believe I also entered one chance”. She muttered, holding her tears.
She finally got dress and left.
“Doll 36”. Tony called while coming out of the bathroom with a towel on his waist.
He usually name all the girl he had f*cked and give them a number.
“She is gone,bitch”. He smirked.
Not quite long,another girl came in.

“Granny…..!!!”. Kimberly shouted running into the small hut they leave in.
“What is it my dear? You got into another fight”. Her granny replied with her old voice.
“Anika,must you always have a fight thought toward me”. Kim pouted with her hands folded under her breast.
“Am sorry my dear”. Anika pleaded and brought her to sit.
“Now what is it?”.
“I have been given scholarship to Hotchkiss school”. She said and began to jubilate,jumping up and down like a kangaroo.
Anika is not surprised,she knows what Kim deserve, but she is not happy.
“What is wrong? Why aren’t you happy? Your granddaughter had been given scholarship, don’t you get it?”. Kim said kneeling in front of her.
“I do…..I am happy, but am just scared, the students recommendation is bad, and I don’t….”.
“Nika, it is the school am going not the students, you know me right? You know your girl is strong? So worry less”. She interrupted her but it is not working.
Kim smirked and began to tickle her.
“Hey,Kim……stop….this girl, stop”. Anika kept giggling.
Kim woke up early,she did all her house chores, got dressed up and now ready for school.
“You look pretty good in the uniform”. Nika commented.
Kim looked at her short skirt, top,long socks and shoes.
“Really? Thank you”. She said and picked up her bag and lunch box.
“Bye”. She pecked Nika.
“Bye…don’t get into fight, don’t let anyone get on your nerve,stay out of trouble,okay?”. Nika warned.
“I won’t…”. Kim shouted from outside.
“And I will if they cross my lane”. She muttered.

Tony drove crazily with his music on and mirror whined up.
🎤She just a girl and she’s on fire
🎤Hotter than a fantasy, lonely like a highway
🎤She’s living in a world and it on fire filled with catastrophe
🎤But she knows she can fly away
🎤This girl is on fire
🎤This girl is on fire
🎤She’s is walking on fire
🎤This girl is on fire. He sang loudly.
He placed his left leg on the accelerator,increasing the speed of the car.
Unknowingly he splashed water on a girl.
“YBJ811Y1”. Kim memorized the car plate number.

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