The Wicked Pastor’s Wife

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

So far he isn’t her child, she hates him with passion.

Every house chores is shifted to John’s neck. If her children tried to help him, the pastor’s wife would beats them all up.

John was treated like a rag.

There was a day she sent him on errand and John came home late.

“why are you just coming by this time!!!?” she asked and uttered aloud.

“i…i…i didn’t get it from Mama Chidima’s shop, so…so i went to the other shops to…to…get it” John said stammering.

“pa!! pa!!!” she gave him hot slaps.

John’s face swells up and becomes red.

“idiot boy! anytime you come into this house late. You will have yourself to be blamed. Oya give me what i sent you and go and wash those plates!!!” she said as she stretched her hand to the kitchen direction.

“i’m…so…so…rry ma” he said panicking as he hands it over to her and he went to wash those plates.

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