Episode 1

This battle has been on since centuries ago, you guys know what I’m talking about, the battle between celebrities and non celebrities
An actor dying to have a celebrity marriage, and an actress who just want to get down with every handsome guy that works his way into the industry, where they come out to wash their dirty p@anties and talk about their break ups and divorce. Sometimes I want to kill that dream of becoming an actress, my parents did everything in their power to train me in a good and Godly way, if by chance I make my way into the film industry I will try to honour my parents memory by being that sweet little girl they trained.

Since I was four years old, that was when I had fall in love with acting, when I’m studying I act, when I’m sleeping I act, when I’m walking on the road I act, anywhere you see me I was always acting on my own. As a good parents they knew its my wish to become an actress but since they were to poor to send me to study in the university they pretended not to be seeing my talent.

Then my father died when I was 16 years old, it was really a sad day for my mother and I, we didn’t have money but we had love, plenty of it, when my dad died my mother broke, she became a different woman, she doesn’t talk, neither does she eat, always in our small hut crying her eyes out. I was through with my secondary school which was also my university since my dad said that’s why he could reach, before he died they were arranging one chief to marry me but God does his things in a way we humans can not understand. I swear my father’s death really pained me but God knows what’s best.

Then when I became an adult my mum died too( funny right) she left me alone to go live on with her husband, I have no one, I mean no one to run to or call my own, I was alone in the village, every year I see people come and go, students going to school and returning back to meet their parents. Honesty I was jealous I envy them, sometimes I hide in my Conner and cry, ask God why he has allowed me to die with my dreams and talent.

Then he finally heard my prayers when some people came to our village for a movie shoot, trust village people the news sprayed like harmattan. Every girl was trying to win one of the actors interests, some even had to give their bodies for free just to get a role, it was really funny, most of them didn’t even have the talent yet they crave to be seen on TV, even if some did have the talent selling their body to get into the industry isn’t the way to go about it( I’m not here to judge anyone but I’m here to make a different)
Call me Lesley Emeka, that’s the name my mum calls me ( she said she once lived in the city, the people she once worked for had two kids Wesley and Lesley, she prayed if she ever has a twins she would give them that beautiful name) but my father he always calls me by my native name (Ojotule because his half Igbo half lgala)you guys already know my dream and what and who I want to be come. It won’t be easy but I’m going to get there someday. Site back and enjoy live in the film industry.

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