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Karasco and I had finished youth service here in Lagos , for years but still yet no job . Landlord has been on our neck to the point we runaway by just the sound of his voice sometimes by just the smell of his shadow.

We have collected credit from mama chioma that sales food to the point she stops selling to us till we payoff the dept we are owing her . Life in Lagos has totally changed our structure and standard of living .

We were both taking our everyday nourishment, garri and kulikuli when karasco paused all of a sudden .

” Guy if I tell you say life for city easy I lie, I swear I lie. My parents don hustle finish send me go school, my papa sold his last piece of land take pay my school fees but still I never get job talk more of to hammer treat my younger ones well . Which kind life be this? ” he spoke as tears dripped from his eyes .

” Haaaah, na wah for you oooh . You are sounding Asif you are the only one jobless here . My own is finished. I don’t really know what to tell my grandpa because that man had warned me about my school stuffs but I didn’t listen. Facing him will be a total disaster. I added, wearing a sad face .

” We can’t just continue staying here, food no dey , and we never pay light bill ever since we parked in here. landlord fit come carry police arrest us one day. I de fear . ” karasco spoke.

We were both thinking of how to leave Lagos when karasco came up with an idea .

” Guy make we leave Lagos go village stay with your grandpa small, who knows it might be God calling us to the village to hammer ”

” Are you ok at all ? Am telling you that my grandpa is expecting me to come home with a venza or a Benz after all the hustle he had hustle in paying my fees. I promised him that after my youth service I will get him a Brown new Toyota spider. you want me , Daniel to go and disgrace myself in the village after lying to him that am working in an oil and gas company in the City? haba guy make you too reason am ? Shey na for your front him call me that day say make i send am ten thousand which i kept dribbling him to date . Guy make we kukuma die here wanlahi ” I replied . Disagreeing to his idea of going to the village.

The next day karasco and I were sitting outside the compound when we both sigted landlord from afar with two policemen .

” Guy , you de see weting I de see ?” Karasco asked.

Just then he stormed in to the room like a wounded lion and picked his bag and jumped to the fence .

” You de there? You no go carry your bag make we run abi ?” He asked in amazement.

I rushed in but wasn’t able to parked my clothes, i only picked my youth copper uniform and jumped to the fence as well .

We were both peeping through the fence when the two policemen locked down the room .

” Mama Chioma, papa David and mama ejima . If you people ever see those two criminals anywhere around my house call me. I will get the both of them arrested, and I will make sure they both spend their life in jail” the landlord spoke wrathfully.

” Guy I swear I no go near that house if I never get landlord house rent and light bill . As I de talk to you so, na village na him get me for here ” karasco spoke in awe.

I was agitated as I began to flashed back what grandpa had told me before embarking myself to study in the city . He said ;

” is not going to the school that matters Daniel. If I were you , I will use the registration fees to start up a big supper market here in the village or travel to the city to establish any kind of business with it, then next year you apply . they don’t rush going to school . If you make your money you can still go to school no matter how old you are. I don’t just want you to finish school and come back home waiting for me to feed you ooh ” Grandpa’s advised.

Grandp’s words got me scared. The fear of going back to the village empity handed melt both my body and soul .

” Guy , why you come mute na ? As you no carry any clothes comote, oya kukuma wear your copper uniform make we de go village go meet your grandpa, than to spend our life in jail “. Karasco added .

I thought for a while and decided to agree with him .Going to the village will be the best option than spending our life time in jail .

That evening we took a night bus and landed like a landrover the next morning to the village. Karasco and I wore a youth copper uniform so grandpa could welcome us well.

I sighted grandpa sitting and chilling with a gallon of palm wine from afar .

” Oh, boy , no be your grandpa be that ? Karasco asked .

” He is the one ooh. This man won’t stop to amused me, i thought he has stop taking palm wine I never knew he is just getting started” I said to karasco as we both walked to the gate .

As we approached to the gate, my heart started pounding as I began Wondering what to tell Grandpa brought me to the village .

” karasco, Grandpa must ask us what brought us to the village , so when he ask we should tell him that we are both here for an experiment that could fetch us too much money ” I whispered to his ears aloud .

As we got to the house grandpa was amazed seeing us. I could sense it from his looks.

” Good morning grandpa ” karasco greeted .

” Good morning grandpa ” I added as well .

” Hmmmm, what is so good about this morning ? Ever since you did your youth service four years ago is today am seeing you in an youth copper uniform . You are not just graduating I wonder what you are still doing with a youth copper uniform” grandpa asked wrathfully.

” No vex grandpa , the truth be say we don try , we don look for work for Lagos for four good years we no get . Instead wey we go die for city as landlord use police de find us so, we come finally decide say make we come stay for village see if we fit hammer for village ” karasco replied.

I was bittered as my heart beat began pounding the more . ” I thought I told you to tell him that we are here for an experiment ” I whispered to karasco ears In anger.

” Guy cool down , if we go lie make e no be your grandpa ” he replied aloud to Grandpa’s hearing .

” Oooh, ooh, so you both wanted to lie to me , an old man like me hmmmm, no food for both of you in this house for two weeks ”

Grandpa stood up from his chair and walked straight to his room monopolizing and calling on Grandma never to give us food or water to drink since we have chosen to tell lies to him .

” What have you just done ? Can’t you whisper on a low ?” I asked wearing a sad face.

” Guy , no vex na so my voice de sometimes. But reason am oooh, it’s better we stay here than go back to the city oooh , if you want to leave to the city you can leave as for me village life na him get me so. If I no tell am the truth tomorrow him fit ask if we never finish with the experiment ” he replied smiling at me .

I got angry and went inside my room throwing myself to the bed . Just then I saw karasco with a gallon of palm wine and a roasted turkey.

” Where did you get that Palm wine from ?” I asked in amazement.

” Na your grandpa say make we share ” he replied , as he drank a full cup to himself.

I was thinking twice cause I know Grandpa too well. The love he has for palm wine is more than the love he has to his son. It either the palm wine is spoilt or bitter . He doesn’t like playing with palm wine. I was hungry so I decided to join karasco in drinking as well .

As we were eating and drinking , we both heard Grandpa foot step approaching to the door .

” Daniel, Daniel ” grandpa shouted my name with anger .

” Who took the fresh palm wine and two full roasted turkey meat I kept here? If you know that you took it better bring it here cause it belongs to Mr okafor . It’s for his son’s introduction. Grandpa ranted .

Just then Grandpa stormed in to my room and found the empty gallon of his palm wine and the bones of the roasted turkey.

” Hmmmm, ” grandpa nodded his head with anger .

” So this is it? You just arrived my house, you have started taking things without permission , hey you , what is that your name again ? ” He asked karasco.

” My name na karasco I never change am ” karasco replied him .

” I want the both of you to leave my house first thing tomorrow morning , I don’t want to ever see you in my house ever again . You two are grown up. 40 years of age you both are not children anymore ” grandpa ranted as he walked out of the room angrily.

” Guy, e be like say your grandpa serious oooh, where should we go from here ? Karasco asked in awe.

” If we can’t Hammer in the city is it in the village we will hammer ?” I thought to myself.

” Guy I must make this money buy fire by fire I swear ” he added

The next morning karasco and I were washing Grandpa’s cars when we saw him and grandma fully dressed coming out from the house .

” Good morning grandpa, good morning Grandma ” we both greeted .

Grandpa didn’t utter a word he looked at us nodding his head with annoyance.

” Morning to you. Go inside the kitchen you will see the pounded yam and egusi soup I kept for you both go now and have it before it get’s cold ” grandma replied.

I watched as the both drove off in grandpa’s car.

I was wondering where grandpa and grandma were heading to dressed like king and queen .

” Guy the wedding go sweet oooh” karasco spoke, with excitement.

” Which wedding is that ?” I asked in amazement.

” Hmmm yesterday I been hear your grandpa they tell your grandma say make de no tell us say them go do wedding for igwe house . Say if them tell us we fit come disgrace them ”

“Wedding for igwe house? We must go. We must attend this wedding becauses enough food and drinks will be there “. I said to karasco.

We took our bath and landed in the igwe’s house , we landed the exact time they were about to share food .

I was about sitting when I sighted grandpa on the high table but as a sharp guy I pretended as if I didn’t sight him.

Soon food was served , we were both eating and drinking when someone taped me by the back and said ;

” That man over there wants to see you ” I turned and discovered it was grandpa calling .

What does he want this time as my heart began to pound . “Guy please help me look after this food let me go and see why grandpa is calling me . Don’t eat my food oooh, cause I know you too well ” I left and headed to the high table where grandpa was .

I got there and grandpa whispered to my ears saying ; “what brought you here?.”

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