Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

A week before we both left for university Isabel and i chatted

isabel ; blayse i’m really going to miss you

me ; i would miss you more esp ur smile

isabel ; i don’t know if i would see a best male friend lyk you again

me ; don’t worry there are holidays we can always see each other then

isabel ; but it wont be lyk how we are now

me ; at least we would get our self chatted

isabel ; i’ll always love you blayse

me ; me too

Though she was my big crush back then. a day before we set out for the journey to the university i went to visit Leke and that was when the unusual thing happend. I entered the house just to see Isabel sitting on the couch deep in thought that she didnt even notice when i walked in

me ; Isabel Isabel

isabel ; hey sorry what are you doing here

me ; just came to see Leke is he around

isabel ; no he just went out to get some stuffs for

me ; oh what were you thinking about

isabel; how m going to cope without you guys. i held her and we looked straight into her eyes and she did the same thing..

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