Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

Plew plew plew scott shook his head and cursed under his breath another raid, he said as he looked at damien who was already in wonderland, not really his fault been drinking to forget the event of about 10 years ago he thought as he woke damien up from his sleep

Scott: damien get up another raid

on hearing the word raid he stood up immediately and marched outside with scott. Not really his fault that he has been thinking as the event of what happened 10 years ago flashed through his mind like it was yesterday. He continued walking shaking his head trying hard to forget as he bumped into someone.

Man: hey you watch your step (the man barked).

Damien: (he giggled) you arenโ€™t even sure you are even going to come back after these raid (he burst into laughter).

Out of anger he jacked damien who was still laughing to the air and slammed him to a nearby wall. Scott on seeing this ran to them whispered words into the man ear has he loosened his grip on damien.

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