Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

June Kansas


. I sat in the sitting room watching my mother scold at my sister

“ you are a shame to this family”.my mom said in disgust

“ Mummy I am sorry”. My sister pleaded

“ how can you lose your virginity before marriage?”. My mum asked her

“I am really sorry”. She pleaded

“ sorry”. My mom scoffed, I will let your father know about it”. She said and stormed out of the sitting room

I looked at my sister and immediately felt sorry for her .

I am June Kansas, an 18 years old girl, my parent are religious fanatics who believes in staying pure before marriage.My mom just found out my elder sister Mary was no longer a virgin, don’t ask me how … and she really got upset

Mary is surely in for a lot of trouble



I headed to I and Mary room and found Mary still sobbing

“Why did you do it?”. I asked her

She looked at me and gave me a small smile

“Because I love him”. She replied

“ Mom said we should not fall in love until we are ready for marriage but you disobeyed her”.i scolded

“ you will understand why I did it when you finally fall in love with someone”.she said giving me a small smile

“ who is the guy?”. I asked her

“ his name is Miguel “. She replied

“ Tell me about him”. I said

“ he is tall, caring and cute”. She said with dreamy eyes

“ really, is he……I stopped when Dad stormed into the room

“ why did you do it?”: he barked at Mary

“ I am sorry dad”. Mary pleaded

“ who is the son of a b—h?”. I asked , I am going to kill him for defiling my daughter

He looked at me

“ Make sure you don’t disgrace us like your sister did when you get to college “. He pleaded holding my face

“ I won’t”. I promised

Oops! I forgot to tell you, I just got into college…….



We sat down quietly eating our dinner at the dinning waiting to hear Mary’s punishment

Dad cleared his throat before talking

“Firstly, you will have to confess your sins to the priest

“ Secondly you will have to take a holy bath

“ Thirdly you will have to quit college “.he said and I heard Mary gasp in shock

“ That is too harsh”. She yelled, how will I quit college because I lost my virginity

“ shut up”. My father yelled , how dare you speak without raising your hands . you are supposed to be holy till your wedding night

“Who will want to marry the daughter to a crazy fanatic”. Mary muttered

“ i heard that clearly”. My father said


I raised my hands to speak and my father nodded

“You might be wondering, but In my family you can’t talk to my dad without asking for permission “

“ Let Mary continue with her college education, I promise to watch her and tell you it she does anything wrong”. I suggested

My father looked at me and smiled

“ what a brilliant idea”.’my father remarked and I blushed

I just got praised by father” I thought

“ we will do that”. He said , June will watch all your movement and if she dares report something bad about you, you are out of college

My sister looked at me and smiled….



I jumped on my bed in excitement and my sister laughed watching me act childishly

“ yippee! I can’t wait to get to college”. I exclaimed

“ you can’t go to college behaving like a baby”. She said laughing

“ I am a baby”. I replied, I am mother’s baby

“ June you are legally an adult so act like one”.she advised

“ how do I act like one?”. I asked her

“ when you get to college, you will find out….

“ Thanks for coming to my aid”. She said appreciating

“ anything for my sis”. I replied, but promise me you won’t see Miguel again

She looked at me and smirked

“ you won’t understand June , you won’t understand what love is until you feel it…….


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