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Nora stark




I walked into the hotel feeling a little bit uneasy

“ is this how I will continue living my life”. I thought

I headed to the receptionist desk and saw a lady who was obviously busy with some documents

“Hello”. I greeted

She looked up at me and flashed me a smile

“ welcome to Adams hotel”. She said, how can I help you?”.she asked

“ I am looking for Mr Parker”. I replied her

“ oh you must be Nora”. She said , he told me about you already

I nodded

“He is In Room 216”. She said and continued with what she was doing

“ how can I get there?”. I asked staring at the grand hotel, it was so big and beautiful but I really had no time to admire it

She looked at me and gave me a puzzled look

“ Have you never been here before?”. She asked

I nodded

“ oh, you must be one of his new girl”. She said

I bent my head in Shame

“ can’t this painted barbie face just answer me”. I thought

“ go up the stairs and take the first turning on your right and walk straight down “. She said

I nodded and I climbed up the stairs, I took the first turning and walked straight as the receptionist instructed me.

I read the room numbers as I walked and soon stopped in front of Room 216, I took a deep breathe before knocking

“ come in”. a male voice answered from inside

I pushed the door opened and gasp when I said Mr Parker on the bed naked

“ hello baby”. he said smiling sheepishly as soon as he saw me

“ Good afternoon Mr Parker”. I greeted playing shyly with my fingers

“ call me Parker”. He said

I nodded

“ come over here baby”. He said gesturing with his hands

I walked over to him and sat down on the bed beside me, I felt his eyes roamed around my body

“ you are just a beautiful girl”. He said as he started touching me

I felt disgusted as I watched the man twice my age touch me but there was nothing I could do

“ strip off”. He said

I stood up and started removing my clothes biting my lips to stop the tears from flowing down

He smiled as I stood naked in front of him

“ help me take off my clothes”. He said

“What!!”. I exclaimed,

“ you can go if you can’t do it”. He said and turned his back on me

“ I will do it”. I shouted

“ good girl”. He said turning to looking at me

I walked towards him and helped him take off his clothes and he was left with only his underpants

“ Take it off completely”. He instructed

I swallowed hard and I pulled the underpants down and I gasped in shock at what I saw

“ a tiny thing in between his legs”

“ what”. I exclaimed

He looked at me and smiled faintly

“ I am impotent”. He blurted out , I just need a hot romance and not sex. He explained

I felt a bit relieved

“ I won’t loose my virginity”

I gave him a small smile and immediately he started fondling my body. I closed my eyes as tears streak down

“ I just need the money to save my sister”

“S–k my d–k”. He groaned

I kneeled as I took his d–k into my mouth and started s—–g as he gave a monstrous moan

“ I am doing things I have never done before because I need to save my sister”

He soon gave a loud moan and fell on the bed panting

I stared at the man and I knew I hated him so much

“ you are so good baby”. He said

I nodded


He brought out his phone and typed something into it

“ I just did a transfer of the money you need”. He said and immediately I heard my phone beeped

I went over to my bag and brought out my phone and screamed in delight as I read the message

“ it was twice the money I asked for”

“ thank you sir”. I greeted him

“ that is nothing sweetheart”. He said

“ I will do more for you if you keep on satisfying me like this”. He said grinning

I put on my clothes without saying anything

“ I had no plan on doing it again”. I thought

“ How old are you?”. He asked

“ 19”. I grunted

“Why do you work instead of going to school”. He asked

I remained quiet as tears streamed down my eyes , how will I tell him that my family were so poor, how will I tell him that even to eat three square meal was a problem

“ because of money right?”. He asked as if reading my thoughts

I nodded

“ Get ready, I will enrol you into Adams college”. He said

“ what”. I almost screamed in excitement

He nodded smiling

“ come to my office tomorrow morning with your documents”. He said , you will be starting school

I remained speechless

“Adams college “, the most prestigious college only attended by the rich, what a miracle..

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