Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

In a dark room with only a dangling lamp rowing forth and back in the ceiling. A wooden table and two chairs occupied by two men. None of them were smiling, only long and cold look were In their face.

One was bald with no beards while the other has hairs but lacked teeth. They were each carrying a suitcase.

They had rarely said anything to each other-as if they were wired to only look on and just stare.

The bald man brought up his case and banged it on the table and the toothless one did the same too…

They didn’t talk still but they had their eyes fixed on each other.

Each opened his suit case- the bald man’s case was filled with raw, fine cash while the other fiddled with his case for a while before flinging it open to reveal just a piece of paper with things written on it and quickly, they swapped cases. And without talking still, each stood up and walked out in separate ways.


You all know already- my name is Steve and literally, I’m a poor dude. I live dirty and poor yeah. My everyday life is mapped out already, no different schedule, no friends, no parties so no trouble.

I live alone with my Dog and no other person. No girlfriend no side chicks… Did I say side chick.? Mehn I’m a poor rat.

Alright, alright, enough talk. I am a mechanic, I repair broken cars and actually, not that I own the workshop, I manage there at least I got a Penny to take home.

My everyday life turned out to be always miserable because – once I close from work, I branch to the nearest bar down my workshop where I drink till late night and then later, I stagger into the dark night knocking people’s door.

I was no longer a stranger in the bar as there was no day that I didnt go there to drink in fact, the bar attendant didn’t bother ask for my choice anymore as he’s now used to it.

Sometimes I would drink and pass out for me to wake up on my bed with my dog sleeping gently like a baby. I never bothered to Know how I got there. I just wanted to be rich and then later die. I was going to quit being a mechanic as soon as I have enough money.

The job didn’t give me life rather it just gave me a reason to be occupied from morning till night and then Later to the bar.

my life was dirty, simple and poor… I don’t have friends so I don’t involve in anything illegal with anybody-but how I became a target? How I became an actor?

How I changed into a Rambo?

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