Episode 1

“I told you I’m tired of praying any stupid dumb prayers with you, Esther. Leave me alone!”

Danny shouted at his wife as he buttoned up his shirt, dressing up for work in anger.
Esther felt the tears Piercing her eye balls as she stood up from bed.” How could you say a thing like that,Danny? God answers prayers…..”

“When! No, prophetess,tell me when. For over six years of marriage?
No child. Nothing nothing and you are here telling me to come and pray with you again? Never!”

Danny barked, taking up his suit case and walking out of the room.

Esther ran after him.”You weren’t like this before.

What has mama done to you, Danny?” Esther asked, screaming after him.

Danny stopped at the middle of the stairs and turned around.”Oh well,she made me see the truth.

She made me see that I’m old enough to father a child.

For goodness sake,Esther you know my age as much as I know yours. I’m 34!. Please,I’m late for work. Don’t disturb me.” Danny warned and left the house in his car.

Esther was shattered. She cried her eyes out.
Danny had always supported her whenever mama insulted her of childlessness. What happened?

She was in pains. She had to do something and something fast. Her married was falling apart. What if mama brings in a new ….

The main door to the living room opened and mama came in,a large annoying sneer on her face.

“Just take a look. Empty house. Boring house. No noise. Nothing, nothing.”mama hissed coming inside. Esther quickly stood up.
“Mama,good morning ma.” She greeted, running to collect her bag but mama barked at her, making her move back immediately.
“Will you take your wretched greeting out of my way? What’s good about the morning,en?
Esther,answer me! You are not even a bit ashamed of yourself. If you no get pikin,hide your face!

Are your barren ears deaf to that saying?” Mama taunted,with her irritable loud voice.
“An an,mama. What have I done wrong to deserve all this insults? Am I God that gives children?” Esther cried.
“Are you God that gives children? Oh,you are asking me,abi? Wait o,I’m coming to answer you Stupid woman, that’s what you are. Stand there and ask me stupid question, idiot.”

Mama looked up and down at her,hissed and pushed past her, going upstairs.
“Heehh.” Esther exclaimed and found herself a good seat and cried.

An hour later,she was still crying when a knock came on the door. When she refused to open it and continued crying,the dkor opened and the visitor entered.

“An an,Esther! Why are you crying. Oh my God.” Agnes, Esther’s best friend rushed inside, sitting beside her friend.
“What happened? Jesus! Look at your eyes!” Agnes exclaimed when Esther looked at her, sobbing.

“Agnes, I’m tired of living! What have I done to deserve all this,what! I’m tired of waiting for God’s time. When will it be?

My husband is now also against me. I have no body else to support me. You need to see the insults mama rained on me when she came back from her night vigil.

God! Agnes, what do I do, please….help me!” Esther cried and Agnes feared her eye balls would fall out.

“I’ve told you before,did I not? I told you I have somewhere I can take you to. I swear with my life that you are going to get pregnant immediately.

But you said you don’t want anything contrary to your believe.

That place is not bad….let me take you there so you can also conceive,my friend!” Agnes urged as Esther looked at her, desperately.
“Please…where is the place? Please..I can’t wait anymore. Take me there!!……

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