Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

My sister and I grew up to see Dad and Mom always fighting and after some years, they got divorced. I was ten years then while Tolani was twelve. Dad went away and got married to another woman while Mom got married to her lover who she has been with when she was still married to Dad.

We were left to ourselves. Dad claims we have our mother’s evil character in us which would affect his new marriage while Mom said her new husband didn’t want us in her new marriage.

We were all alone in the two-bedroom apartment Dad rented. My sister became my mother and father, we had no one to run to as our parents never introduced us to any extended family members.

Life became unbearable when the money that was left for us got finished. My sister called Mom but her new husband was the one who picked and told her never to call again. We called Dad but his line never went through.

We were always going hungry as there was always nothing to eat. Sometimes, our kind neighbor was the one who does come to our aid by giving us food to eat. Things became more complicated when the rent Dad paid expired and the landlord asked us to leave as he knew there was no way we could pay because we had no source of income.

My sister and I had to start living in the street, crying became a daily routine with no one to comfort us. My sister was a really strong one as she took the bold step of going to do menial jobs for us to survive.

As time went on, I decided to join her in the menial job. We were always carrying people’s loads from the market to the bus park, fetching water for people, washing clothes, and sweeping people’s compounds.

While returning from work one day, we saw an abandoned building then my sister suggests we start living there so that we would have peace of mind at night.

As time went on, my darling sister advises I to go back to school while she works. She claimed it was better for one of us to be educated than none. She told me not to worry about hers that she would learn a trade later.

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