Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

The following day, grandpa and his best friend Mazi Okafor were drinking at the frontage of the house when grandpa drank a full cup of palm wine ” haaaaah!! ” he shouted ,and shook his head the negative way .

” You must be high ” Mazi Okafor said to Grandpa and gulped a full cup of palm wine. He shook his head as well and smiled.

” I am not high . See Mazi Okafor, in my next world to come ehnn, I will marry a Calabar woman. If not that I am an old man I would have added another woman to myself and she must be from Calabar” grandpa spoke in a drunk voice.

” You can still marry any woman of your choice as long as you have money” said Mazi Okafor. I was by the well fetching water to wash my clothes when I sighted grandpa nodding his head to what Mazi Okafor had said .

” I will go and propose to madam J the Calabar woman that sale food first thing tomorrow morning ” he added.

” You are my good friend Mazi Okeke. I can not see bad thing and ask you to enter . Madam j is a very beautiful woman with back and front infact, you have made the right choice to make her your second wife ” said Mazi okafor .

” The woman buttoks is what is killing me not her food . I watched as she walked to get me pepper soup, Mazi okafor, the truth of it was that I nearly fainted if not for my skills in the army back in those days”

I was wondering what came over grandpa and why he wants to add another wife to his flat tire between his legs when he shouted my name ” Bennnnnn!!!” I went and stood before him and Mazi okafor.

” First thing Tomorrow morning I will add another grandmother for you . This grandmother I am bringing home you must respect her otherwise you will leave my house. Not only my house but the entire village ” Grandpa spoke in a drunk voice.

” Yes!!! you heard what your grandpa has said . You must respect this woman because what she is carrying in her back is Venza while the one on her chest is Benz. Your grandpa wants to get marry to both Benz and Venza at the same time” Mazi okafor added .

” I will ride on both the Benz and Venza all my life ” said Grandpa. They both laughed with Mazi okafor as I left their presence.

Grandpa and Mazi okafor were both drunk . The next day , I saw grandpa and Mazi okafor entering the house with madam J the Calabar woman . Every where in her were shaking . Her back alone is looking like a mountain.

This type of back is the type that one can sit on without falling . Mazi okafor was right when he said she has a Venza waist and Benz front side .

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