Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

“Am fine thank you. Pls may I know you?”, Princess replied.

“Oh, so you don’t know me again? Have you forgotten me so soon?”, Joshua asked

“Not really, but I can’t remember this face anywhere”, Princess said

“Alright, my name is Joshua, I fellowship with the David Christian center, and I have a twins brother by name Caleb”, Joshua making himself known to her.

“Okey, I now remember whom you are, am sorry for not identifying whom you are on time”, Princess apologized

“There’s no problem about that. Can I just drop you with my car if you don’t mind?”, Joshua asked

“Not really, I will be fine. Thanks for caring, bye bye”, Princess immediately left Joshua and took a uber ride to her house. She got home and explained to her mum whom she saw in the supermarket, her mother encouraged her that she should get ready for marriage anytime from now because she’s actually due for marriage.

Many unmarried men has sought for a way of relating to her for marriage, but they couldn’t find it easy, because she’s not the type of lady that mingle around with men in the street, church and office.

Princess was so pretty to look upon. A rare beautiful lady, committed to the things of God as a result of the way she was trained by her parent. She was seriously warned by her parent for her not to accept any mans proposal in marriage without seeking for God’s approval.

Joshua and Caleb were twins brother. They’ve gotten to the age of getting married, but, Joshua is not after seeking for Gods perfect will in marriage. Initially, Joshua has promised so many ladies for marriage and letter abandoned them because he was carried with lust and not love. Now, he’s after proposing to Princess if she will accept his request.

Caleb’s way of life is quite different from Joshua his brother. Caleb knew the Lord, he’s seeking the face of God for the past years in other for him not to make a mistake in his marriage.

His mother often disturb him to look after any lady and marry because he’s due for that ( marriage). One faithful day Caleb was studying his bible with intense interest and Joshua came in and said:

“Hello big bros, are you still waiting for God to come down from his glittering throne and take you to your future wife and also join you as husband and wife? Won’t you stop all this waiting and waiting for God’s time”,Joshua said

“Okey, thanks Joshua. Having seen that you now encourage me to allow ladies to come around me like a bee in search of Sweet honey abi? I can’t blame you at all, as for me I’ve decided to wait for God’s time, I don’t want to run faster than my humble shadow and make costly mistakes”, Caleb discomfited Joshua’s thoughts.

“Alright, honestly, you’ve spoken well, but me I can’t join you to wait for that God you’re waiting for. With your eyes you can discern who is good for marriage, like the new person am looking up to for marriage, her name is Princess”, Joshua announced.

“Just be very careful ooo. Am not against you marrying her, but avoid sex before marriage”, Caleb encouraged

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