Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

Fast walking foots hit the tiled floors making a clanging sound…

A door opened and four people entered…three men and a lady..a lady was seated in the room already.

The four of them sat facing the lady…

“you know how this works girl, you flop, you swim in blood. You deliver every friday”. With that , they began to stand up one by one and with a final note, He said again “we are watching you”

He moved closer to her while the other three remained standing..

He took her face in his and he began to kiss her violently, he bit her lips, s—-d her tongue harshly while she winced quietly.

He made for her pants and jerked inside her forcefully that she cried in pain obviously she hates what was happening to her.

Later, they all filed out while the other lady stayed back with the just addressed lady.

“if you flop, i’ll run your water my self” obviously she is jealous of her or she wanted to be jerked that way…


Steve sang-hummed his favourite song as he stepped out of shower.

On a day like this, he never stopped to thank God for how he had made it so much- hes 25 and a millonaire, he own a big duplex also one of the biggest company in the capital but, there is a but..CHARLIE!!!

Steve got charlie from his late father , charlie has been a great but old, very old car

Yes it looks wierd for someone like him to drive a car like that but he thinks of it to be okay.

His driver resigned willingly even though he got payed but the stress he goes through every morning to start the car is killing.

Now he drives himself and his dog-sparrow to office every morning . Sometimes he has to push the car before it jeered up.

Not that he couldn’t buy a lambo or agera , infact he could buy 10 in a minute but he never wanted to forget his late father who gave him the car.

He bent a bit to collect his suit from his dog who’s been waiting patiently for him to finish his thinking and just have it.

He somehow thought himself very lucky for the dog he owned – how would his life be without sparrow…he remebered what they had been through 2 years ago with Dan..hmmmmm.

He swerved into one of his thinking again- HIS COMPANY

Well, the company is fine and smooth, 80 workers under him and the percentage gain isnt going low on board but recently hes been having issues with the JETHOLD – another company in the same line with his, more like a competition,

His company was still doing good but he knew that sooner or later if he didnt do something, they would kick him off the lane.

He came back to life and sparrow was holding a key for him.

“thank you”


“hey charlie” i tapped his trunk lightly before proceeding to open my sit. Sparrow got in too and i started the engine .

Slowly i nosed him towards the gate and in an instant, the gate opened automatically-i’m rich-

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