Me, The Girls And My Guys Dem

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

We arrived egerton area. Captain instructed and direct joe the road he should take.

He said his cousin lived in marina road. We Drove to marina street and located the compound. It was a ghetto like compound. The house were facing each other. Much like hostel.

Me and captain got down and went to one of the guys. People were going about their normal activities. We approached a man.

Me: “good day sir. Please we are looking for…..”

Captain: “danger. He lives here”.

Man: “danger? Ohh he parked out last week”. Bad news. That what i dreaded happening. Were where we going to sleep?.

Captain: “sir do you know where he relocated to?”.

Man: “i heard he now lives in akwa ibom… I saw him yesterday at the uyo stadium.. ” captain’s eyes met with mine and we laughed. The man looked at us as if we were insane.

Me :”thanks for your time” i said and we walked away.

Captain: “plans don biada o”.

Me: “am telling you” we said as we approached the car.

Rock: “how far na”

captain: “the guy don push this state o”.

Joe: “ahhhh! Wetin be this na” joe lamented.

Me: “we de sleep hotel na”.

Joe countenance was bright, he smiled. I wondered what was on his dirty mind.

Joe: “are you sure? Babes go cry o”.

Everyone laughed.

Me: “i no go ever bleep again for this life”. I said and everyone laughed.

Rock went behind the steering and we drove outta the compound.

Joe: “blue tell us wetin happen na. How dem take cash you”.

Me: “da shun o that story for the gods”. Everyone laughed. The two guys with guns werent participating in the discussion. I tried bringing them in.

Me: “ogas abeg wetin be una names? I thank una for saving me out” i extended a handshake.

Captain: “this one na spark the other one na arrow”?

Spark: “broz i think say you no go greet us o”.

Me: “why i no for greet una na”.

Arrow:” oga cockroach next junction, blue afa na”.

Me: “50km”..

Joe: “you don start again ba?”.

Me: “wetin? Captain abeg were we go lay head”.

Rock: “why you dey call am captain?”

Me: “e don do baptism na so change in name”

Night had started creeping in. We droped the spark and arrow. Captain collected one of their guns and handed it over to the smiling rock. He collected, kissed it a patted the frame.

“love you baby” he said.

Me: “you go marry am?”.

Joe: ” e be like say the beating dem dash you no reach”.

Me: “na your father dem beat”.

We got to a hotel, joe payed for a room and we went in.

The bed was large and could accomodate all of us. It was already night. I took a shower and fell on the bed. The rest guys were nowhere to be found. They went sight seeing the beautiful city of calabar.

I almost slept off when my phone rang. It was my dad. My heart skipped a beat. Have he gotten the news? Ahhhhhh!

That one na disownment im go do.

Me: i picked with shaking hands “hello sir”

pman: “son how are you?” ahh thank god, his speaking tone was normal.

Me: ” am okay sir…how is mummy and everyone”

pman: “they are fine… You dont want visiting. When are you coming?”

I swallowed hard.

Me: “am not in uyo presently am in lagos.. Representing our company”

pman: “that good… Hope you have no problems”

me: “no….just some minor financial problems”

pman: “okay ill send you money tomorrow. Take care of yourself”

me: i was excited “thanks greetings to mum and all”

pman:” okay bye” he hung up.

I heaved a sigh of relief. I slept off.pangs of hunger woke me up in the night. I opened my eyes, lo rock was ontop a lady. Just then, joe emerged with a white babe from the bathroom, they were both Unclad.

we were four guys who loved adventure. One of us was a betrayer(joe) the other was the leader(captain) the other was the hitman(rock) and the last was the fine boy(blue).

I am blues, joe and rock calls me man on fire, girls calls me blue and captain calls me flames.

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