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I was pissed at her for talking to my dad that way in public

” Mama you calm down na ! Na my papa you dey insult for public so !

I admonished her .

” Solo if you nor shut up that your big mouth like Carmel nyanch if I land you hot slap this evening you go find yourself for Lagos express way ! Like papa like son idiot useless people.”

I was used to my mum’s insults and rants, whenever she didn’t get anything she wants that’s how she behaves .

“Ejiro my daughter please bring the money where you get make we take join take cook better food ,nor mind this useless men ”

My father looked at her with anger

“Mama Osas na which work when Ejiro dey do when you dey tell her to contribute money take feed me ?

She hissed

“If I cook the food nor chop , I go even like am”

Ejiro brought five thousand and gave to my mum .

“Better pikin na him dey make him mama proud , no bi all this useless good for nothing men when nor fit do anything but make mouth ”

My dad left the compound I sent my way, mama cooked white soup with starch ,me and my dad refused to eat . I met my dad at Oke’s fast food where we went to eat rice and beans two fifty per plate .

Ejiro was just sixteen years old when mama encourage her to hustle like her mates, papa was fully against it , but mama fought my dad to a stand still . Ejiro helped mama to beat papa . Now Ejiro roll with Yahoo boys who give her money ,they come to pick her and drop her from clubs .papa tried to speak with Ejiro , but mama will never let her listen . My younger sister has become a street girl . She buys clothes for mama , buy shoes , buy handbags , she regularly gives mama hundred.

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