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The Unbearable Burden, Episode One

“My husband is not around, so I have the opportunity to go to the party with you. I have never been to a night club and I desperately want to experience it. I want to know what it feels like not to sleep at home but to sleep at a night club, dancing drinking and having fun with my best friends. I have pleaded with my husband countless times to take me to a night club but he has refused. Why can’t I experience what other ladies are enjoying? I have been a good girl since my childhood, obeying every directive and instructions from my parents. I never disobeyed them. I even got married as a pure girl, which means I have been clean from day one. So, I guess, I little fun tonight will not destroy me. My husband has traveled to Lagos and I’m the only one at home. Please Lucia, on your way to the club, stop by my house and pick me up.” Purity said to her friend Lucia who was at the other end of the phone. She was at the balcony of her husband’s one story building. As she was on the phone, she could see people moving around the streets. She had come out to rest and receive fresh air when Lucia called to invite her to a birthday birth holding 12am at a nightclub.

Indeed, purity had been a very good girl. She was brought up in a Christian home with so many restrictions. She obeyed every one of them and kept herself completely pure until she married her husband, Chima. She had lived a beautiful life, never getting into a fight or trouble while in school and she never dated any man. Her husband was the first man she knew in every sense, including in the bedroom. Every parent in her community used her as a point of reference and example for their own children.

“Can’t see Purity? She is always obedient to her parents. Copy her and behave like her.” They would say to their own children back then.

But today, Purity is grown and married. At the age of twenty six and having stayed out of all forms of troubles until marriage, Purity thinks it was the time to unleash some of the pent up desires she has had as a child. Indeed, there were many things she never experienced because she stayed away from every negative influence.

“But now, I’m married and under the protection of my husband. There is nothing else to be afraid of. After all, my parents used to tell me that when I get married, I would be able to have all the fun I desire. I have kept myself until

marriage; I think I deserve to have good fun as a

reward. Nothing will stop me from going to this


Thanks goodness my husband is not around. Let me go and prepare and wait for my

friends.” Purity said as she rushed into her

room and opened the wardrobe. She checked

for the best dress but found nothing that would

match the party at hand. She called her friend

Lucia to get some ideas on what to wear. She

told Lucia that all the clothes she has were big

and that they would cover all parts of her

privacy the way she liked.

“No! That is not the type of dress you wear to a party. You need to look hot and attractive.” Lucia said.

“What do you mean by hot and attractive? Who am I going there to impress or attract? I’m already married and I’m not interested in attracting suitors. I just want to go to the party and have all the fun I have missed as a young girl. Please, recommend a good dress for me and stop beating about the bush.” Purity tells Lucia over the phone. She sat down on her matrimonial bed.

“Don’t worry. I will bring a special dress for you when I’m coming. I promise you will like it. Just relax your nerves.” Lucia said over the phone.

Soon, it was 6pm and Lucia drove into the compound to pick Purity up for the party. She came so early so that she and Purity would have the time to test the clothe she brought and also to help her with makeup and other party accessories. Purity had never been to a club, so she would need a lot of timely preparations.

“Is this dress not too skimpy and revealing? Don’t you think it is inappropriate for a married woman to wear something like this in public? This doesn’t feel right. My privacy is showing and I don’t think I can wear this to even outside the gate to buy soft drink. Please, let me wear a normal dress.” Purity said to her friend.

“No now! Are you not tired of behaving normal? You have been a normal girl since you were a child. Do something crazy for once. Stop being a normal girl. Life is short and you have to enjoy the little time you have here on earth. Look, Purity, I want you to look good at this party. Come on, it is your first time of stepping out in the open. Don’t worry, after today, you will keep going because you will have so much fun.” Lucia said. She managed to convince Purity to wear the dress. She looked like a video vixen with her makeup and all the accessories she wore. In her mind, she imagined what her husband would say if he saw her the way she was dressed.

Soon, the clocked chimed 11:30pm and they drove off to the party at the night club. Indeed, it was a beautiful sight when Purity saw the environment. The lights and the music blasting through the air gave her a different kind of feeling. There and then, she decided that going to night clubs for parties would be a regular thing for her.

“I love this place.” Purity said as she collected a cup of wine from Lucia. She sat down close to a man who also had a cup of wine in his hand.

A few minutes after she took a sip from the glass of wine, she started feeling dizzy. Purity did not know when she dozed off. The next morning, she woke up in her house but she could not explain how she got there.

“What happened to me?” Purity asked as she started checking her body. She touched most parts of her body but she felt no pain. The last thing she remembered was holding a cup of wine in her hand and talking to a man seated beside her at the club.

“Who brought me home?” Purity asked herself. She picked up her phone and called her friend Lucia.

“You were drunk, so I decided to bring you home.” Lucia said.

Purity felt unusual and ashamed. Her head was hazy as if she hadn’t slept for days. She removed her dress and discovered that her undies were missing. She discovered that a man touched her without her permission in the night.

“My goodness! How did this happen?” Purity asked as she felt the male liquid fertilizer in her body. She was so scared because she was in her most fertile period.

“I hope I won’t get pregnant. How can explain that I got pregnant after being touched by someone I don’t even know?” Purity asked herself as she broke down in tears.

Towards the end of the month, her monthly visitor failed to show up. She bought a pregnancy test strip and dipped it in her urine. It showed positive. She is pregnant and the worse is that her husband is not the father of the child.

“My God! What took me to a night club? Now, I’m carrying the child of someone who touched me when I was drunk. Someone I cannot even trace. What am I going to do?” Purity asked as she continued to cry. The next day, her husband returned from Lagos.

Watch out for episode 2.

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