Episode 6

I open the wardrobe almost with force. There is nothing there apart from my cloths! But a piece of paper falls from somewhere. Slowly I pick up the folded paper. I unfold it. It becomes Titi’s handwriting. The content goes like this:

“Dear Bamidele,
I am using this moment to tell you that I am off your life for good. I can’t cope with this suffering any longer. I have already met a man who is ready to take care of me. I can’t bear my first child for a mere truck driver who can be sacked any day. It’s so fortunate for me that I didn’t get pregnant before you turned like this. I think God really loves me.

I have actually been using contraceptive drugs since when things suddenly changed. That is the reason why I have been avoiding any s-x from you lately. I apologize if I have hurt you with that. Go and cancel our courtship. I am wedding my new man very soon. Don’t bother to look for me at all. I am now living in paradise. Concerning the phone that caused disagreement between us in the morning, my sweet heart bought it for me, and he sent that message you saw too. I know how you will feel after reading this letter. May God provide you with your own wife … Bye.”

Tears roll down my cheeks as I shake my head, “Why would Titi behave like this? why don’t you have enough patience?”

“Uncle, what is the matter? Why the tears?”

Lara moves close to me, “ May I see what’s inside the paper?”

I hand the letter to Lara. Her mouth turns agape with shock after reading it. I intentionally let her read it. I really want Lara to learn from what I’m about to reveal to her.

“Uncle, don’t dwell upon it,” Lara sits beside me at the edge of the bed where I’ve bowed my head, “May God enrich you with wealth and provide for you a faithful and everlasting wife … I believe sister Titilayo is not meant for you. Otherwise she will stand by you under any condition … And Granny once told me about two categories of women before her death. The first one is like a chameleon who is adapted to any environmental condition; even the time when danger is at hand… The second is a bird of heron. A bird of heron would fly off when a wetland turns a desert… I think sister Titilayo falls into the latter category. ”

I was surprised to hear that from Lara; a nineteen-year-old girl? I don’t need to tell her my mind again. She has said it all.

“Thank you, Omolara,” I reveal my face with a small smile, “that is a wise word from you. I won’t think about it. okay?”

Lara asks what food I feel like eating. I told her I have no appetite. She gives me a questioning look that suggests: “Are you still brooding over it?”

“I know you are still thinking about it.” She echoes my thought at last.

“No, I am not.” I protest, “I am just stuffed for now. Thank you.”

Lara bids me good night, and I reply in a cheerful voice. When Lara had gone, I check my phone again. I keep staring at the alert of thirty million in my account. I shake my head with a distress mixed with joy. The joy is for the money, and the sadness, of course, is for my wayward Love.

At daybreak I decide to call Titi’s parents for what their daughter had just done. But I remember that her father has a mental problem. I learnt that excessive weed-smoking turns him like that. He had been moved to many psychiatric hospitals for treatment, but he still behaves abnormal. Most times when you are telling him about A, he would talk about B.

On one occasion when I went to their house, I saw him watching TV. I greeted him and he responded well. At one instant, I noticed him lift up his leg while using his toes to press the remote control. I asked him why he refused to use his fingers. Then he told me his hand didn’t produce any result on the TV screen.

When I checked the remote, I realized there was no battery in it. The old man was not even present on our wedding day. He was replaced with his elder brother. So I have no choice than to report Titi to her mother.

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